BIAFRA: As Donald Trump campaign train was tarnishing the evils in their opposition as it affiliates to some Nigeria Political and non-political calls, a good number of Hillary Clinton's camp members in Nigeria did not cease the opportunity to hide their feelings and hatreds. Is not strange again that some enemies of Trump in Nigeria could not keep cooperating fine since the announced victory of J. Trump as 45th USA president Both in cash and words, Nigeria government declared their full support to the camp of Hillary Clinton just to maintain their evil relationship with the United States of America. Is of note that since the maiming, suppressing, torturing, killing and marginalisation of people of Biafra the government of Barack Obama has never condemned any abominable atrocities committed by Nigeria government rather they kept on with full support to Northern agenda in Nigeria in the form of Islamization.

The Yoruba counterpart displayed their complete displeasure in the form of prophecy, and total hatred against Donald J. Trump. The leader of Synagogue Church, T.B Joshua prophesied that Hillary Clinton camp would win Donald Trump by a narrow margin, but it is still confusing where such prophecy was sourced from because Trump won the previous election with a landslide of 265 to 218 national vote.
Meanwhile, the acclaimed Noble Peace Prize Winner Wole Soyinka declared upon voices that if D. Trump wins the election said will tear his possessed America Visa and run around streets on nakedness. As the election is won against his intensified negative wishes, both local and international individuals are still expecting the fulfilment.
Consequently, Mr Mohammedu Buhari as an enemy to Donald Trump has come out shamefully to celebrate the victory of his core energy because of their religious rivalry. So also some political class in National Assembly has made their congratulatory messages available to Trump despite preaching for his downfall.
As being expected, Biafrans all over the World has been in continues jubilation in celebration of Donald J. Trump's winning as 45th America President. Remember before now; it had been of high expectancy to all Biafrans to see Trump emerge victoriously and here it is accomplished. In line with Biafrans quest, we with to emerge victoriously both in court cases and restoration of Biafra so that our enemies will celebrate us the Trump is being honoured by Buhari, Soyinka, T.B Joshua and others through God intervention. Congratulations Donald J. Trump. Do wish us Biafrans same. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers
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