Sinking Nigeria
Vain dream
Afloat atop the stream
One Nigeria without one people
Oil and water … most incompatible couple
And here an educated hollow mind
Posing a seer, but doubly blind
Professing that phantom "unity in diversity"
Blind, he beholdeth not the animosity in ethnicity

Funeral pile a gargantuan
Yet they say we are one
I am not you, you are not me
And the thought stings like a bee
The plotters knew their game
For their gain they lit this flame
Now ravaging the entire niche
A negation of what they preach

Detached head of a widow's sole surviving son
Raised in sacrifice before the scorching sun
Blind as bat the seer sees no moral lacuna
One Nigeria and they lay pipes from Port-Harcourt to Kaduna
And if they aren't astride the nation blood-flow is promised
Promised, and yes delivered as premised.
To the widow it came like a sparrow's tweet
The unnerving news of a son's blood on the street

So the think-tank thinks wrong
Thinking of oneness without oneness for so long
Search me; the think-tank thinks the way of a baby
Thinking he can dine with a sworn enemy
In this union....this forced marriage
Our honeymoon 1945 carnage
So think-tank, do our thinking no more
We are awash with funeral store

Separate the water from the oil
And let the water alone boil
The violent propagandists of sharia
The anarchist royal blood of Nigeria
Let the water alone boil if you understand
And if you aren't that blind divided we stand
United we will certainly fall
So deep into that awful pitfall

And if my blood can dam this blood-flow
Then let my blood flow and let there be no more flow
Let the fountain of tears in the East cease
That fountain eroding our fertile heart as it would please
Weakening the already weak nerve of the widow
Drenching her cloak as she stares through a thatched window
At the red mud that now hide her pride
That pride that in the yore counted her a bride

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Published by Chinwe Korie
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