BIAFRA:First and foremost, let me educate people of what an independence mean; Independence is the complete freedom of control or influence from another party, be it a single individual, a group of individuals, or an organisation. In history and modern geopolitics, the term is often used when referring to the birth of nation states, such as the United States, Haiti, or Montenegro. After a nation state has declared themselves independent from whatever state they were formerly a part of, independence then means they have the capability for self-government, to govern, legislate, and make laws strictly for the right of the nation-state entirely irrespective of the interests of any outside state or organisation. 

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe of regretful memory is in grief and heartbroken wherever he is, to see the present state of a country which he fought assiduously and whole heatedly for. He (Nnamdi Azikiwe) went an extra mile to betray his people, only to keep a contraption one, out of his loyalty. He is the man who seeks tirelessly for the independence of the contraption called Nigeria, not knowing that he was selling his people into slavery to the Nigerians. With no atom of apology, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe made a great mistake on 1st October 1960, by participating in the freedom exercise that led to the independence state of this contraption called Nigeria. The multifaceted and checkered history of Nigeria is no doubt in question. The history of the amalgamation of Nigeria is, of course, a mixture of oil and water. It is a combination of rice and gravel, and until we can ensure an efficient separation of this mixture for a better future, Nigeria will remain stagnant like a hopeless pond waiting for the dry season. This is why on the 56th anniversary of their independence, Biafrans has decided to call on well-thinking humans whose conscience still exists to look into the histories of humankind and tell us if there has been any country as clueless as Nigeria.
In my analysis, I discovered that Nigeria is only going backwards, instead of going forward. Nigeria can never move forward again because she is now a scrap awaiting to be thrown into the waste pit. In the history of Nigeria, starting from that date of her independence, there has never been any atom of progress in it. According to Zik “I fought against British rule, because I honestly believed that it denied me and my people the basic freedoms and fundamental rights. At the material time, I thought, as I still do, that in normal times no man should impose his rule on any people unless he has been elected to do so at a free and fair election. It was an article of faith with me than an African citizen should enjoy individual freedom under the law.”
Today, that country he fought for, has become the worst geographical area to be. Nigerian are shamelessly advertising their celebration, while the can't be able to outline their achievements so far. One could hardly believe that at 56, Nigerian government could not boast of a good road, good education, steady electricity, food healthcare, and other social amenities. Nigeria at 56 can not produce ordinary toothpick, which only means that Nigeria still depends on another country for a regular toothpick. It was unbelievable to hear the minister for works, stating that Nigeria will start producing pencil in 2018.
Apart from all these, Nigeria has been a battlefield, where bloodshed has become the order of the day. Not less that 10 million people have died in the contraption, which categorically States it clear that the union is not working. Moreover, the creator of this contraption fore saw the future and gave an expiry date for the stupid Union. The state of Biafrans in the contraption has never been a fair one. Celebrating Nigeria is the same as celebrating corruption, a country with no mission, rather destroying the vision of others. A country that is soaked with The blood of innocent men, women and children, who were massacred for no just, a country that was built on lies and deceit.
How can one in his right senses celebrate such country? Of course, it's abdominal. The present president has made matters worst, by his clueless and unlettered experience. He has only made the restoration of Biafra high, and hopeful. He is celebrating his independence while withholding the freedom of others, that is the greatest height of mockery, to independence. Show me any country that had independence with Nigeria in the same period that is still in abject poverty as Nigeria's. This is just the beginning, because we are out, and will do everything humanly possible to make sure that Biafra comes. #FREENNAMDIKANU #FREEBIAFRA.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi For UmuChiukwu Writers

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