Once again, the zoo called Nigeria Islamic government CHICKENED out from attending ECOWAS court adjournment date today being 5th October 2016.
This is in connection with the illegal arrest and detention, torture, humiliation and attempted murder on the life of the charismatic leader of Biafran Nation.
I refuse to be careful in my mood outburst and outright condemnation of this cowardly Islamic terrorist.
I met a Hausa/Fulani man on the Facebook, his name is Umoru Umar, after reading my piece wrote back pleading with me saying that they the north have seen the value of Igbo Biafrans as he put it. He went further to say; the northern Nigeria will want two states living side by side that is Biafran and Nigeria and to boost his grammar referred me to the Biafran/Nigeria civil war saying we the north does not want war with Biafra again.
I responded quickly by entirely rejecting his hypocritical overtures; I went on to open his eyes to see the secret Mohamadu Buhari and the entire AREWA elders who are the mastermind of all the atrocities the northern Nigeria committed and are still committing against innocent Biafrans. Closing my submission by telling him that the days of reckoning has finally come, that God will see to it that justice prevails no matter how long it takes. He became dumbfounded but later said ' I'm short of words'.

The shameful act of human right violations manifested on the 1st of October, 2016 when the jihadist Mohamadu Buhari in Aso Rock Abuja trampled under foot the so called Nigeria coat of arms while the army and members of diplomatic core watched with dismay.
Coat of arms is a symbol of authority any nation, it is respected with a tremendous honour by all, always placed in an alleviated podium decorated with purple, gold or any other colour as leaders may deem fit. But the zoo Nigerian leader tramples theirs under foot before the stunned crowd.
If the right of an Effigy that has no life but projects the dignity of the people was treated that way, that country ceases to exist.Human right violations of Mohamadu Buhari extends to every aspect of life in Nigeria by his failure to prevent starvation, in all communities, Buhari failed to free even his northern Islamic caliphate free from hunger and stopping the disease ravaging throughout Islamic north.

Buhari violated the right of Biafrans by encouraging his AREWA terrorist to send poisoned and contaminated foods to Biafraland for an easy extermination of innocent Biafrans in their homes.Twice the court of competent jurisdiction in Abuja Nigeria declare the detention of Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans illegal and subsequently ordered their release unconditionally, yet Mohamadu Buhari trampled upon both judgements under his feet insisting that Dr Kanu and others remain in detention indefinably. The ECOWAS court has proven to be a real community court in West Africa, but they lack bits, due to the law which established them did not empower them to effect the release of any complainant who right is abused by illegal detention from his/her country of origin.

ECOWAS has the power to hear the complaint, pronounce judgement but lack the authority to execute the decision in practical terms.
An example is the corrupt and notorious coup plotter like Buhari himself in person of Col Sambo Dasuki retired also a Fulani man like Buhari stole close to N1.8billion naira meant for arms procurement and stockpile weapons in his home for only God knows what for, was set free recently by the same ECOWAS court, but barely 24 hours after the judgement was passed, that the zoo Islamic government led by Buhari came out to reject the judgement saying even though Dasuki was freed by the ECWAS court, we won't release him.
The zoo knows that the ECOWAS power is limited and they are bragging about it; evidence abound like in today's court date, the zoo government in Nigeria prefer to attend to other things than wasting their time attending to a court if after judgement is passed in favour of the complainant will not be obeyed.
Buhari chose to send his bloody DSS to attend such cases when it suits them.

I believe that the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB hierarchy are well aware of this judicial lapses on the part of ECOWAS court and its judgement in favour or against. The West African nations which formed the court failed to add judicial muscles to its rulings, the least anyone can get according to research information is that the global world will look at Nigeria with disdain for not obeying the order issued by the court, no sanctions, no severing of diplomatic relations and no trade embargo.
However, it a plus to the freed complainant whose freedom is rejected by the county of origin.
Permit me here to implore the freedom fighters all over Biafraland to step up the fight, the zoo government in Nigeria when given a respite capitalise on it to strategize and cause more havoc in Biafraland, but when kept on their toes trades with caution.

IPOB leader and other Biafran detainees will be released but not on the instance of Mohamadu Buhari led government he thinks evil against Biafrans on a daily basis but will be forced by circumstances beyond him to free our leader and became part of Biafran independent restoration project, the signs is everywhere.
All hail Biafra.

By Benjamin Kish.
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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