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This question above came to my mind after reading FFK's article that was published on daily post of Sept 7, 2016 titled "the implications of Donald trump presidency". It drew my attention to the scriptures to find out the role Emperor Cyrus of Persia played in the restoration of Israel's sovereignty, after they were conquered and taken captive  by Babylon while the weak ones that couldn't travel to Babylon were left to rot in the war-ravaged city of Jerusalem, and the lucky ones escaped from Isreal and scattered all over the world.

Similarly, Biafrans of today have continued to leave Biafraland in their  thousands and have scattered all over the world in search of greener pasture since after the British empire through the instrumentality of Hausa/Fulani Moslems and their Yoruba allies conquered Biafraland during the war of Genocide and had held our so called political leaders in captivity till today.

However, according to Jeremiah 29:10-18, the Lord said, 70 years must pass before Israel  will be restored back to sovereignty with greater prosperity. And in the book of Ezra chapter one, Jeremiah's prophecy came to pass, after the Israelites had completed their 70 years under Babylonian rule. With the rise of Emperor Cyrus of Persia who overthrew the Babylonian Empire and freed the Israelites during the first year of his reign. That was exactly as prophet Isaiah foretold it in Isaiah chapter 45, 150 years before Emperor Cyrus was even born.

The above scenario got me thinking, 2017 will be 50 years since Biafra was declared by Ojukwu and the war began: will our own Cyrus (Donald trump) rise in our own "50 years" just like Israel's "70 years" in exile? Will God use him to free us from British Neo colonialism under the Hausa/ Fulani Islamic oligarchy, just like He used Cyprus a pagan king to free the Israelites from captivity in Babylon?

Is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, our own Ezra, the priest and prophet, that will lead all the exiled Biafrans that are scattered all over the world back to our promise land just like Ezra in the Bible led the exiled Israelites back to Jerusalem?

Although many Biafrans see Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a leader in the mould of Moses that led the Israelites out of Eygpt, while some see him in the mould of Joshua that led the Israelites into the promised land. Some also see him as Nelson Mandela (Mediba) that freed South Africa from Aparthied after spending 27 years in prison. Some equally see him as Apostle Paul because he spread the gospel of Biafra to all Biafrans that are scattered both within Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

However from the look of things, I see him as a leader in the mould of Ezra the priest and prophet that led the exiled Israelites back to Jerusalem and brought true religious and social reformation to the restored kingdom of Israel, only time shall tell.

By Okpala Chimaobi
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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