September 25, 2016.

As Nigeria gutter Medias are still busy compiling their usual lies for the 23rd September 2016 Sit -At home protest by the indigenous people of Biafra. Many international Media are already overwhelmed by great PEACEFULLY organized Global protest trending, and giving It a preferential beam light.

Global protest brings Biafra conflict back into the spotlight.  by Deutsch Welle , German Media.

According to Deutsch Walle reports. I was able to ascertain that Biafra issues is now a Global concern. Therefore, no matter how the brown envelope Nigeria Media tries to hide the truth, it must always resurface. For there is no way rain will fall and the ground will not notice.

It’s been decades since the plight of Igbos people of Biafra was highlighted during  Nigeria civil war. The movement to resurrect the republic of Biafra is gaining momentum. Sertan Sanderson reports.

From the above reports, it is very clear that the issue of Biafra can not and will never be swept under the carpet as Nigeria government and his cohort thinks. I might interest you to know Nigeria government that Global watch is now placed in Nigeria due to Biafra issues.

I am very much in torched with this particular reports which say thus: “With a court decision due in the case of pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu in late September, many Igbo people living in exile took to simultaneous protest across Europe to draw attention to their  cause. One of those protests was held in Bonn, Germany, where roughly 100 protesters gathered, chanting slogans and handing out glossy flyers”

From the aforementioned DW Reports, you can see that the world knows that there is no truthfulness and orderliness in Nigeria. That our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu court decision has overdue since last year.
When our leader said Nigeria is a zoo, people called it hate speech. But it is now being demonstrated by  every action of Nigerian government. Nigerian government international communities are indirectly pointing out to you that Nigeria is a lawless country that is living in pretense of having laws.

Another great significant point of the DW German Media made was that, they noted that Biafrans are from South-East part of Nigeria example. Igbos , not from South -South as they have described us through their virus lying Medias.

Therefore, 26th of September 2016 is another court appearance of our leader. Another opportunity for Injustice John Tsoho to stand his grand and get this his name and reputation strengthened up, or hence off like his wise colleague Justice Ahmed Mohammed of federal High Court sitting in Abuja did on 23rd December,2015. On the trial of detained leader of indigenous people of Biafra.

Besides, like our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said, that Biafra is a spirit and I believe him. Biafra can not be defeated. For Biafra was instituted by God himself. Therefore, restoration of Biafra is a divine project which can never be abandoned. For our God doesn’t create an abandoned project. Whatever He started He must finish.

Nigeria if you need peace, do the needful and release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on September 26th 2016. The more you detain him the more you trade on a dangerous scale. For there will be no peace unless the hidden or buried TRUTH is excavated and accepted.

For the united States of Biafra is our only hope.

Written by Ogbonnia .M. Onyekachi
Edited by Ekene Chukwuka
Reporting For IPOB writers
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