Monday, September 19, 2016

It did not come to me as a surprise seeing the president of the expired experimental invention of Fredrick Lugard, Nigeria, on an avoidable plagiarism scandal which is now trending on social media, even among market women, between warders and inmates, and amongst civilized people of the world.

Before now, some people saw President Muhamadu Buhari, the arc ruler and democratic dictator of the expired country concocted by Lord Fredrick Lugard called Nigeria, as a man of profound integrity but not anymore.
Some sycophants during the rigged s(election) that brought him to power were chanting "change" but little did they know that he would disgrace Nigerians before the comity of nations.

The rate at which Nigerians in diaspora are cumulatively increasing their disregard for Buhari is alarming. Now they are increasingly becoming ashamed of their passports as Buhari sprouts up new defamatory actions against them. If not for their passports, some would even deny Nigeria just as Peter, in the Holy Book, denied his master.
But I promise them that they will have more causes to nationalize in their respective countries of residence because Buhari is still coming up with more crimes that any ear that hears it will tingle.

The wind will still blow and everyone will see that Buhari wears black trousers under his purported white garment.
I see a state where Buhari's purported integrity will experience a total permanent loss of elasticity to the extent that the name Muhamadu Buhari will be juxtaposed with crime and fraud.

With unfolding events since the installation of tyrant Muhamadu Buhari, all Nigerians are yet to be fully doubtless that he and his change mantra are a fraud but more unfolding events would make them completely convinced.

Starting from his inaugural speech: his comments of being for everyone and for no-one, and to treat all Nigerians equally became fully and doubtlessly fraudulent when he said (during a Tv programme ) that the world should not expect him to treat the regions that gave him 97% vote same way he treats those that gave him 5% vote. In Buhari's understanding of fairness to all, he is to give 97% and 5% attentions to those that gave him 97% and 5% votes respectively.

During the appointment of his team of fraudsters that has now moved Nigeria into a ditch, he attributed his long waste of time to the search for technocrats but that became evidently fraudulent when he converged his fellow fraudsters to bring the expired concoction to a swift halt and subsequently quick demise.

In other appointments he made, he chose and still chooses more of his Islamic Jihadists brothers. But he swore to uphold the constitution! He would defend himself that he only needs people he can trust.
If Mr. Buhari has only his brothers as the people he can trust in the contraption called Nigeria, doesn't common sense tell him that he should gather his people that he can trust and rule them, allowing others to go their ways?

What about his fight against corruption? He said some years ago that his master, Abacha, did not loot a dime but he is the one recovering Abacha's loot that didn't exist.

Buhari is fraud personified!
He is fast to shield himself, family members, sycophants and fellow jihadists. Chief of Army staff, Buratai would educate you more on that.

Buhari allegedly gave an apology for plagiarizing Obama's speech but blaming it on the official that put up the speech, he promised to punish him (the official ); but don't you see that birds of a feather flock together? Is it not same people Buhari said he trusts? Of course, Buhari would always employ criminally minded fellows like him.

I even wonder why some Nigerians, being so myopic, feel that Buhari is not capable of asking the official to plagiarize Obama's speech after seeing that Buhari obviously forged his WAEC certificate.
In the mind of Buhari, he would brag "Someone that forged his WAEC certificate and still won the election in Nigeria can commit any crime and nothing will happen".

Maybe you are waiting for him to apologise for forging his certificate before you can believe he is a criminal. Don't expect him to apologize because he is a man of great integrity and wouldn't venture to lose it. Indeed!

For some who thought that President Muhamadu Buhari was sincere with his #ChangeBeginsWithMe campaign, it is clear to you now that Buhari is like a leopard that can never change its spots no matter how hard it tries.

I want you to be watchful because in no distant time, the wind will blow and all the crimes and frauds of Buhari will crop up and then if you are called a Nigerian, you would deny it.

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Edited by Uchechi Collins
Reporting for IPOB writers
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