DAILY POST - As crisis rages in the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, several South-East groups have described the development as a plan by faceless individuals to truncate the ongoing agitation by Ndigbo.

The groups that spoke differently on the matter include the Igbo Women Assembly led by Chief (Mrs.) Mariah Okwor, Igbo Youth Movement (IYM), Igbo Students Union, Igbo Traders Association and South East Christians Network.

Both TRIPOB and REIPOB, suddenly emerged to disown the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
While TRIPOB said they would publicly burn the Biafra flag on October 1st, the REIPOB nominated some persons to negotiate with the FG, while warning Kanu to seize from parading himself as the IPOB Leader.

This is also as the big names among the REIPOB’s list have since denounced the group and promptly dissociated themselves from their activities.

In a reaction, Chief Mrs. Mariah Okwor of IWA told DAILY POST: “The funny games being played by the FG is a further confirmation of the arrogance of this government in their stubborn refusal to address the problems from the root by restructuring Nigeria along six regions without delay.
“Only true fiscal federalism can save Nigeria now. Creating non-existent factions of IPOB will not stop the agitation. Government should stop amusing the public with childish plots.

“There is clearly no crisis or factions amongst these gallant boys, they are united under Nnamdi Kanu and they are committed to their struggle.

“I personally thought that Kanu will go the way of Uwazurike, but he has surprised everybody by his righteous, sincere and total comment to the struggle; we are all impressed; accordingly the IWA will honour Kanu in October for his honesty and transparent leadership, that boy is a hero”.

Also speaking, IYM founder, Evang. Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, stated that those who claimed there was crisis in the IPOB were the very people who were being used to create the impression of a crisis.
“I don’t want to get down to the level of such shameless characters, by responding to their vomit. Ndigbo knows that IPOB is intact; why would I comment on non-existent TRIPOB and REIPOB? I don’t want to dignify fake groups with a response.
“The FG should do the needful, which is- begin to address the foundational reasons why millions of youths have lost faith in Nigeria. Creating artificial factors will not stop the agitation. Only a restructuring of the polity will restore hope. Time is running out”.

On his part, Comrade Chimezie Ubani, President of Igbo Students waved off the groups thus: “Nobody knows the fictional characters, Philip Effiong Osuji and Ikemba Biafra or Nzeogwu Biafra; Let them publish their photographs and tell us their home town and local government of origin, if they truly exist.

“These fictional characters, are only a creation of the oppressor, in order to deceive the public and waste Tax Payers money. There is no crisis whatsoever in the great and noble IPOB. We will honour Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in all the Campuses in Eastern Nigerian soon, he is our eternal hero, a prophet and a legend.

“He destroyed our oppressors with the power of truth. IPOB is intact and we are all proud of them.”
Bishop Mike Ibeneme, coordinator of South East Christians Network, while reacting, said “we all know, Nnamdi Kanu; we know he is from Afara, Umuahia, Abia State.
“Nobody knows these names Ikemba Biafra and so called Philip Effiong Chima, they probably do not exist.

“It is clearly an attempt by certain forces to give the impression that there is division within the IPOB. It means the IPOB have become a very formidable force that is strong enough to frighten the authorities.

“Nobody believes there is any crisis within the IPOB, those alluding to factions in IPOB are only those who are afraid of IPOB, they have failed in their attempt to deceive the public. There is no crisis whatsoever within IPOB.”

Chief Chris Obikwelu, Chairman of Igbo Traders Association had this to say: “We are all surprised to hear of strange names breaking away from IPOB; If they had said that Emma Powerful, Clifford Iroanya or Emma Nmezu broke away, it probably would have been believable, but for totally strange names, unknown to anybody to publish a list of laughable characters to negotiate on behalf of Ndigbo, simply means that these TRIPOB and REIPOB are fake, non-existent groups, created by the enemy in their foolish attempt to weaken IPOB.

“I can tell you that they have only succeeded in making Kanu and IPOB more popular and respected by all. It means he is giving them sleepless nights; if Kanu is a sell-out, they would not create fake splinter groups to counter him”.
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