By Tim Tochukwu

For Biafra Choice Writers

Biafra impostor-group called RE-IPOB, which was formed by Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, to demean the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is collapsing fast. Latest development shows that respectable Biafrans named as its negotiating team with the Nigerian government have started distancing themselves from it.

Among those that have distanced themselves are Dr. Arthur Nwankwo, Chancellor of Eastern Mandate Union (EMU); and prof. Tony Nwaezeigwe, of Nigeria Civil War & Genocide Research Institute. Distancing himself from the RE-IPOB shenanigan Nwankwo declared: “The statement credited to an amorphous, breakaway group from the IPOB, called E-IPOB gave the impression that I am in league with it. I consider the association of my name to this type of self-serving group as absolutely scandalous, ridiculous and totally unacceptable”.

“I therefore dissociate myself completely from the RE-IPOB and demand an immediate retraction of my name from their press release to avoid unpleasant consequences”.

On his own part, Tony Nwaezeigwe declared: “My attention has been drawn to a news report claiming that I have been appointed to the so-called IPOB NEGOTIATION COMMITTEE WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. I wish to state in the most strong terms that I can never be part of such negotiating team. I am a proud son of Igboland who knows where the rain started beating him. Please I do not know anything about any IPOB NEGOTIATION DELEGATION OR WHATEVER, neither will I be party to such a quisling act, not even while Nnamdi Kanu remains in prison & this Federal Government remains insensitive to Igbo rights & and privileges in particular & the Christians of this nation in general as members of this Unitary nation miscalled Federation.”

Biafra Choice Writers have however gathered that IPOB leadership are gathering information on the history of those named in the accursed team. They consider exposing same to Biafrans to let them know that such characters were not qualified to be in IPOB, not to talk about being in the leadership of IPOB.
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