Nothing happens to anyone of all tribes and race without a divine signal or notice if you like. My father saw in a night dream 14 days after Biafra/Nigeria civil war ended and related it to one of his trusted friend Dr R.T Ugbene who in turn relating it to his wife where I heard it, I returned home to ask my father if it was true he had such a dream, my dad smiled and said, Dr. Ugbene, a gifted and hard working research fellow, so he wrote my dream down? Yes my son it was I who narrated it to him, but the dream only frightened me few weeks, and that is it, I totally forgot about it. He told me that it was after General Yakubu Gowon announced the war to be no victor and no vanquished with a further announcement of 3Rs, Reunification, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. That same night I saw a river flowing from northern Nigeria towards southern Nigeria and another river flowing from southern Nigeria up towards northern Nigeria, the river from the north was very dirty and muddy while the river from the south was cleaner but reddish in colour. There was another river in the middle of them; it has fishes and other aquatic life in it which he saw clearly. Suddenly, the other two rivers started flowing in different directions; the reddish one flowed from right moving up northern Nigeria while the dirty and muddy river from north Nigeria flowed from left towards the red river both bypassed the other clean river middle with aquatic life and joined. The clean middle river started drying up but the more it dries, the more fishes and other aquatic life sprang up from the base, however, when the river dries one or two fishes will come out from the muddy northern river and die immediately. Same thing happen to the southern river but in a different way, it will be filled up with fishes but within few minutes after that the fishes will disappear leaving still reddish without life, and I woke up. Dr Ugbene told me that this dream is related to the general announcement Gowon just made saying that the Nigerian government are not sincere.Dr. Ugbene went further to say quotes: the Igbos will survive but it will not be easy because my dream has shown a conspiracy against the Igbos despite this announcement but nature is in our favour.
Now, everyone can see the fulfilment of that revelation my dad did not take serious, but the learned Dr Ugbene understood it very well and kept a record of it. From 1970-2016 Hausa/ Fulani and the Yoruba have survived on the misfortune of eastern Nigeria known and called BIAFRA till today, they have not succeeded in making the ulter end of Biafrans as planned because nature has it way. Now to my vision in 2010. On Thursday 22nd April 2010. I was in a company of two men; they were acting as if they are my security details guiding me on every step that I took, suddenly one of them beckoned me to come and see the KING. Since I was in the front and were few meters away in the rear, I slowed down my pace, one of them took my hand and drew me up on top of a step and the asked me to WATCH, as I looked to my left side, I saw a massive LAMB surging towards us in a very broad expressway, they were very many and walking in orderly fashion, all white. Behind them was RAM more one hundred in number following calmly and orderly, all white. At their back was DOVES very many and cannot easily be counted flying at almost ground level following the ram, all white. Behind the dove in the same highway, I saw LIONS with their cubs walking hastily at the same time playing, huge lions, fearful and dreadful as they pass, all white. Following the Lions was ELEPHANTS, they looked like mountains, many in number, as they walk past us, the ground was shaking, and they were orderly, all white.Next, I saw GIRAFFES more than hundred walking hastily behind the elephants with their usual long necks stretched to the front, all white. I saw HORSES at the rear of the graves, some with wings, delightful to watch as they walked in an orderly fashion, all white. Each time I want to say something, the man who are still holding my hand will tell me WATCH. After the horses have passed us, I saw another beast I cannot identify or recognise pulling something that looks like CHARIOT behind it, I saw GIRLS following it the girls are beautiful, tall, slim with a smile on their faces, their skin is white and their clothes all white. Behind them was HEFTY MEN with muscles, they managed to put up smiles, they tied headgears round their heads; their skin was black but from their waist down was covered with white cloths. Following the strong men was another seven horses like the first horse pulling a white chariot with but the KING was seating inside. They passed us, moved few metres away from us and stopped, immediately I saw what made me afraid, all the animals mentioned above stopped including the men and the girls. At that juncture, I struggled to free my hand from the man holding me, but he held me tight and again saying to me WATCH. Somebody came out of the chariot, and behold it was the KING wearing costly attire; I saw 12 precious stones attached to his wears, he was tall and lanky, fair in complexion with bright face and smile. As he was coming towards me, the men guarding me left me and stood at a distance, I turn to look at them; they motioned to me to face the king; I was shivering, but they are far from me. The King came to me and began to discuss something I don't understand, he talked for a long time then parted me at the back and left reentered the chariot and amazingly all the animals and men started moving forward and disappeared, neither did I see the two men that brought me there. I looked at the wall clock; it was exactly 2:45 am. I knelt down and prayed asking God to show me the meaning of the vision till now. Could this be the emergence of Biafra republic or does this like my father's dream have something to do with our struggle? It is only the sound mind like that of Dr Ugbene will come up with the acurste interpretation of the above with God on his/her side. All hail Biafra.

by Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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