Your several names is a litany, some say you are a saviour, prophet, some call you director others call you Ojukwu but because of your gentility amidst your vast knowledge on education and the qualifications you attained you preferred to be addressed as mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Nnamdi Kanu is currently being incarcerated because he is teaching his people about information that has been kept from public access, radio Biafra which is the pulpit via this messages are disseminated has enough gathered hatred from people who feel their evil atrocities are being exposed through this Avenue.

Is through Radio Biafra that the world got wind of the Hausa/Fulani agenda of Islamising Biafrans through the terrorist and jihadist in charge named Buhari, it is through Radio Biafra that all atrocities committed and still been perpetrated in Biafra land by Buhari led assassin has been exposed, it is through Radio Biafra that Biafrans have been able to understand the level of marginalization they have been subjected to by Hausa/Fulani despite the fact that the country’s resources are gotten from Biafra land, it is via Radio Biafra that opened the eyes of the world to the gross human rights abuse that has become a tradition in this evil contraption called Nigeria, it is via Radio Biafra that Biafrans have been able to recognize their root again and find a need to self-determination if they want freedom.

The question on everyone's lips should now be, what offence is seen in telling the truth that all have shied away from over centuries. This is one man who is against all the odds, his earthly nature given qualities of royalty, and vast educational background deemed it necessary to stand up for the liberation of his people from the clutches of slavery, marginalisation, intimidation killing and murder by the Hausa/Fulani. He is now a prisoner of conscience for having exposed Buhari for his evil deeds on Biafra soil.

This is in tune with preparations made by the Nigeria bought judiciary who have favoured collecting bribe to jail an innocent man for agitating for self-determination and liberation of his people to given justice as it bothers on obeying previous court injunctions on the unconditional release of mazi Nnamdi Kanu. What level of atrocity is bigger than this, where a terrorist is left to walk the streets without fear simply because the have a godfather and sponsors as a president but an innocent man is continually incarcerated for opposing these facts.

Biafra Restoration has been the talking point these days and has gathered momentum but the earlier the impending damage is avoided, the better for Nigeria, let Biafrans go because it is their God given right which cannot be taken. Nnamdi Kanu has cleared proven that he cannot be bought over in exchange to denounce Biafra, never, he has sworn with his life, and that is what he has maintained. I want the world to take into cognizance that this man is innocent of whatever he has been labelled to have committed and that it is only a ploy to see that the truth he speaks is shut out forever.

The reason why Nigeria is plagued with problems that they can't handle is a clear response to what God can do when a prophet of his is disobeyed by people he regards as been sodomy. I want to remind the world that Nigeria will cease to exist while Biafra Restoration is achieved and that is the ultimate goal of this struggle. All HAIL BIAFRA.

Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
for Umuchiukwu writers
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