September 14, 2016
By Timothy Uzochukwu

I wish you could forward this to those that still want to belong and be part of that entity called Nigeria the former Giant of Africa that has been reduced to nothing by political idioms.

A nation with the finest brains been governed by an old illiterate whose English needs to be translated into English for his people to understand, Pat Utomi a Professor as his vice piloting the affairs of so called great nation in reverse.

A professor that is so afraid of his Master the tyrant and Nigerians think that he would contribute his quarter.
Nigerians keep praying else you make a move nothing gonna change.

This is the type of president Nigeria currently produced in this modern age in the midst of its population of 186,987,564 million and they are still expecting a miracle to happen.

Those Nigerians that are still expecting miracles to start happening should better wake up from their sleep and stop dreaming.
Nigerian always say it's well even if they are dying, a deceit from the pit of hell when you have a problem and you sit down hoping it's well.

Let the sleeping giants rise because without the emergent of the nation "Biafra", Nigerians are doomed and the existence of the contraption called Nigeria will never know peace nor move forward.

It hurts to see people get massacred by the military for no reason, innocent youths that have done nothing, these are people's fathers, husbands, sons and uncles, and they were all murdered in cold blood, and you sit in the comfort of your house doing your business as normal like nothing has happened, failing to condemn the act and do the right thing, you chose to be indifferent,
Remember, if it is not you today or your family member, it may be your turn tomorrow who knows.

Just because those 59 people killed on that faithful day weren't your relations, made you keep mute and not condemn atrocity. Now the country is passing through economic nemesis and you are complaining because it is affecting you or your business, you care more about your business than a human life.
You should be ashamed of yourself you hypocrite.
My dear, you can't eat your cake and still have it cos you reap what you sow, whether you believe it or not.

The level of barbarism meted to Biafrans by Nigeria military on 30th May, 2016 wasn't witnessed during Rv. Martin Luther king's peaceful match.

Biafrans have resorted to self-defence as Nigeria military van were seen shooting and parading the streets of Onitsha in Anambra state, looking for IPOB members with Biafra matriarch to arrest and probably kill

For these crimes against humanity, nemesis shall befall Nigeria!!!

By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers

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