By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Long before now, we have heard of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President, and his hallucinations about Biafra – sweating in his dreams and often shouting “Biafra! Biafra! walai talai, I no go gree”.
It is obvious that the dimension to which Biafrans have taken the Biafrexit campaign – the campaign to leave Nigeria – has been giving him the nightmares. However, it is a pity there is nothing anyone can do about that it because Biafra is at hand, even as Nigerian economy is already in tartars.

It would appear Buhari’s hallucinations are getting stronger for him, even to the point of ranting in public, before some young Biafran minds. This was what he did on Tuesday, September 13, when he met with Biafra youths, who were in his native Daura Local government to do their National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).  The youth service is a project instituted by Nigerian government in May 22, 1973. It was a scheme they intended to use to steal the ideas of young Biafran graduates and in return cram their brains with One-Nigeria poison.

Frustrated, Buhari blotted out: “As military commander, I walked from Degema (must have meant Garkem), a border town between North and the East to the border between Cameroun and Nigeria… I walked on my foot for most of the 30 months that we fought the Nigeria/Biafra civil, in which at least two million Nigerians were killed … Tell your colleagues who want Biafra to forget it”.

The first simple answer to Buhari’s tantrum is that the war between Biafra and Nigeria was not a civil war; it was war between two countries. And wars between two countries are not called civil wars. The second answer will come in form of a question. How did he expect to move about in a war when he is a bloody infantry soldier? Did he expect to fly jets?

Buhari also told the young Biafran minds that at least two million people died in the war. But he should have told them that there should not have been a war since Biafrans did not do anything that warranted recalcitrant Gowon’s invasion of Biafraland. Biafrans were well within their rights demanding to exit from Nigeria.

The evil Nigerian school dropout, known as Buhari, went on to tell the young Biafran minds that Biafra was dead, and that the war was not fought because of oil. Two fat lies. The war was fought because the likes of Buhari were thieves, robbers and murderers who were interested in stealing the oil in Biafraland. Developments today have shown that much. Even his current mobilization of the Army to fight the Avengers in the creeks of Biafraland, is for no other reason, but for the oil resources there.

Finally, it is important to tell Buhari that Biafra is not dead. If Biafra were dead, he would not be talking about it so frenziedly. If Biafra was dead he would not be having nightmares about it. If Biafra was dead, Nigeria would have been having peace today. But Biafra is alive and well. This month, September 23, the world will see Biafra again in a worldwide display of colour and beauty as they campaign for the release of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

The sad news for Buhari and his fellow gangsters and robbers like Yakubu Gowon; Theophilus Danjuma; Olusegun Obasanjo; and others that all the trekking and fighting they did against Biafra were all in vain. They have fought for a miasma because Nigeria has expired since 2014, and is right now it disappearing into thin-air; as that is happening, Biafra is rising.
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