By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

As the Free Nnamdi Kanu Campaign gets underway, Nigerian government continues with its feeble efforts to break it. The latest of that effort was the gathering together of a bunch of rejects in Biafraland going under the name of Forum of Ohanaeze Council of Presidents (whatever that means) on careful inspection, they were a bunch of corrupt and compromised and unscrupulous men.

They were men despised and rejected in their village and town communities and unions, who would not be trusted with any elected position.  After careful scrutiny of them by Biafra Choice Writers, it was not difficult to see that among them were drug peddlers and addicts, rapists, and robbery kingpins who were ostracized in their local communities having escaped lynching. They were men who could not stand the shame of ignominy at home, and so fled. But rather than repent and turn a new leaf, they swore to get hack at their people by being the quisling and spoilers of their aspirations. They claim to represent their peoples, but they live outside Biafraland.
A certain robbery kingpin when he was in Biafraland, Elder Chris Eluemunoh, claims to be chairman of the inconsequential group.  He was reported to have said that “Anybody that has any issue with federal government should go for dialogue with Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari.” He claimed dialogue was the reason why they went for a national conference under Former President, Goodluck Jonathan. “Nigeria is one united country and we do not want any other” he claimed.
Incidentally, there are many other people in what is known as Nigeria today that speak this way out of ignorance. They talk about Nigeria being a federal government, when there is no such thing because Nigeria is not a federation. They talk about engaging in dialogue and national conference as if Buhari has ever invited them to any; even as Buhari has consigned the report to the dustbin.

There have been some under charlatan groups, many of them created by Buhari’s government either to distract the people or to confuse the internationally community on the real situation on ground.  Interestingly, and having played all their reprehensible cards, it is dawning on them that Biafrans are not deceived and not relenting in carrying out the campaigns.
They have observed the build-up – both internationally and at home in Biafraland – and known that the Free Nnamdi Kanu Campaign; and indeed, the Biafra Restoration movement is one that no mortal can thwart. They have come to realize that the people’s resolve cannot be broken, and that the movement is God’s own project.

So, come September 23, there will be a worldwide volcanic eruption as street marches and carnivals by Biafrans will be held by Biafrans in execution of their Free Nnamdi Kanu; and Free Biafra campaigns. It will be a Biafran campaign unlike no other held in the past by Biafrans.

Biafran leadership has already called on all Biafrans in Diaspora to identify with others in their countries of aboard to learn how the campaigns would go and to execute it in grand style. “Come out and show the world that we are the most travelled and most dynamic people from the continent of Africa, and as such cannot be held in slavery in our own land” said Uche Mefor, the Biafran Deputy leader.
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