By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

It is now certified that Free Nnamdi Kanu Campaign that is slated for Friday, September 23, 2016, will not only be taking place internationally, it will also take place in Biafraland. Coordinators of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Biafraland revealed this to Biafra Choice Writers recently. They explained that it would hit the zoo (Nigeria) in extra-ordinary ways.

One of the coordinators, who did not want his identity in print, said they were keeping much of the details under the radar, but that when unveiled, the world would attest to the ingenuity and the peace-lovingness of Biafran people. He was accosted during a national meeting of Biafran coordinators in Akwa Ibom State, where he said they would be bringing a dimension to independence struggle that the world has not known before.

Reminded that Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has advised Biafrans to forget about an independent state for them, he replied that the Nigerian President only exercised his freedom of speech. He however took time to take swipes at the Nigerian dictator: “It is his right of freedom of speech to say what he liked; and it is our right of self-determination as Biafrans, to do what we are doing. Buhari has his mouth and he can use it. Even though he is an illiterate and talks a lot of rubbish from time to time, it is his right and nobody should try to stop him from exercising it.”

However, another Biafran at the venue of the meeting, who did not veil his dislike of Buhari, added his voice to the subject. He said: “Don’t mind that idiot Buhari and his useless tribesmen, the Fulani people. They are the ones that should forget about Biafra and go their own way because we have nothing in common with them; useless people”.

Meanwhile, the report coming from Biafra leadership in London is that Biafrans all over Biafraland must observe a public holiday on that date. It stated that while Biafrans in Diaspora would be stepping out into the streets of the countries they are in, that those at home should stay clear of the streets.

An announcement made by the Deputy Leader of IPOB, Uche Mefor, on Radio Biafra, was that there would be a total shut down of all activities on that day. He ordered that that all banks, markets, and schools must remain shut on that day to avoid Nigerian police and army using the opportunity to kill innocent people.

Choice Writers investigation across Biafraland and beyond showed a people willing to abide by all that was ordered. Agunta Chiemerie, a trader in Ariara Market in Aba, Abia State, told our correspondent that the instruction was the best announcement he has heard from Radio Biafra since the beginning of the year. “Yes, we are going to stay home that day to let Buhari and his fellow Nigerians know that they are wasting their time trying to stop Biafra. Nodding in agreement with the news, he said Buhari should come and force him out of his house that day. “Nigeria gbakwa oku!” he finally declared in vernacular.

For Aniete Ekong who resides in Rivers State, it would be a thing of joy to stay at home for Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom. He considered it an honour to Kanu, which would greatly gladden his heart on the day. He promised to use the day to pray for the peaceful coming of Biafra, and the release of his leader, Nnamdi Kanu. “Is it not better to stay at home that day and pray for my country, Biafra, than all those other useless public holidays Nigerian government used to declare, especially the ones about Muslim festivals. Wetin concern agbero with over-load? Useless people?” he concluded. 
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