By Iboro Williams
September 17, 2016

Friday, 23rd September, 2016 has been declared Public Holiday throughout Biafra Land. This is to commemorate the World Wide #FreeNnamdiKanu Campaign that will be observed in more than 90 Countries of the world.
Consequently, shops, markets, banks, schools, offices and industries must remain closed.

Before now, Nnamdi Kanu was free and as always, a fearless freedom fighter seeking for the restoration of a Country that existed before now; Biafra. Nnamdi committed his entire life, family, marriage, career and future for the freedom of his people. He has the support of over 30 million Biafrans and support from international communities.

Since Judas Iscariot is most often found in every twelve, he has also faced persecution from the very people whose freedom he is fighting for. Nnamdi was unlawfully arrested and detained last year on the orders of Buhari on his way to Biafra Land from London; he has been remanded in prison without fair trial. Even when Courts of competent jurisdiction granted him bail for three consecutive times, Buhari refused to set him free because he is afraid that God's prophecy of Restoring Biafra will be made manifest through Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

We have fought, we have mounted protests, we have reached out to the World for help; But I must tell you that freedom does not come by accident, this is the reason we must continue.
Who doesn't need Biafra?
Who doesn't need freedom?
Who doesn't need advancement in Technology, Education and Social Welfare Schemes?
I need all these; Akwa Ibom has the same need, even Biafrans do.

I am incapacitated to speak for Buhari to listen, but there is someone who can; He is God, and He has directly ordained a man to represent Him, just like the Biblical Moses did; his name is Nnamdi Kanu. Nnamdi is a nightmare to the Nigerian Government, he is the voice of a people who have been long oppressed and subjugated.

Nnamdi is the voice of a people whose resources have been forcefully taken to develop strange Lands.

He is the man who in the face of death, is too bold to renounce Biafra.
Nnamdi is the only man that can help us restore our beloved Country, Biafra.

But currently, he is being held hostage by the Nigerian Government and they have made several attempts to kill him, but Nnamdi is beyond human destruction. Gunshots were fired into his prison room, but God hid him. Deadly Chemicals were sprayed into his cell, but God filtered the air for him.

We have no option than to support this man who has traded his freedom for that of his people. Come Friday, 23rd September 2016, we must show him love by closing all shops, markets, schools, offices, etcetera in Biafra Land. Nigeria expired in 2014 (1914-2014) and the only time to restore Biafra is now.

One Nigeria is a scam and 'now' is the right time to say "to thy tent, oh Israel!" because by fire or by water, Biafra must be restored!

Uchechi Collins
Reporting for IPOB writers
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