The president of Nigeria, Muhamadu Buhari, during his maiden media chat in December 2015 accused Nnamdi Kanu of committing Treasonable Felony but let us take a close look at this two leaders and decide who the cap fits.

Do you know what happened on 28th July 1966?
Muhamadu Buhari, then a Lieutenant, participated in a coup led by Lieutenant Colonel Murtala Muhammad, that overthrew the first Military Head of State, General Aguiyi Ironsi. In the coup, the Military Head of State, Aguiyi Ironsi, the Military Governor of the Western Region, Lieutenant Colonel Adenkule Fajuyi, and other top military leaders were assassinated.

In July 1975, Muhamadu Buhari, as a Lieutenant Colonel, was among the group of officers who rebelled against and overthrew the government of General Yakubu Gowon receiving a juicy appointment of Military Governor of the North Eastern State because of the good role he played in the coup.

Muhamadu Buhari being the General Officer Commanding  (GOC) 3rd Armored Division arrested General Bamidele for reporting intelligence he received on a plot (military coup) to overthrow Shehu Shagari. Bamidele was detained until the coup was successfully carried out so that he wouldn't leak it.

Muhamadu Buhari assisted in overthrowing governments and was rewarded accordingly but in December 1983, he did not want to assist anybody but wanted to be assisted in overthrowing a democratically instituted government of Shehu Shagari. He succeeded and became the 7th Head of State in Nigeria.

Muhamadu Buhari as a "repented" democrat contested elections to be the president of Nigeria during 2003, 2007 and 2011 presidential elections but failed.  At each failure, he incited violence that led to the death of many. He threatened the government of President Goodluck Jonathan promising to make it ungovernable.

Muhamadu Buhari also said that an attack against Boko Haram ( The dreaded Islamic & Jihadist Terrorist Group ranking number one in the World Terror index) is an attack against the North meaning that the whole north is in support of the group and their activities.

He threatened the whole country during the electioneering of 2015 saying that if he should lose the election, Nigerians  (baboons and monkeys) must be soaked in their blood, which probably was one of the reasons Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat being a peace loving man. Had Buhari lost the election, who knows he would have  planned another coup.

So Muhamadu Buhari, Nigeria's incumbent president had clearly used the powers of guns and bullets to wage war against the government of Nigeria on several occasions and as such should be charged with treason, not Nnamdi Kanu that did not carry any guns nor bullets.
Are there not other crimes apart from the above?

What about committing forgery? Did he not forge his secondary school certificate he used to contest the presidential election of 2015? Did a lawyer not charge him to court to produce his certificate? What happened to the case, the judge and the lawyer? President Muhamadu Buhari does not want to produce his certificate ( because he does not have any unless the forged one ) neither does he want anyone to ask him for it but he wants Senator Bukola Saraki and others to be prosecuted for alleged forgery of the Senate Standing Rules.

President Muhamadu Buhari has flaunted court orders and had made prejudicial comments against the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari is a president that is above the law that brought him to power. He is greater than the constitution he swore to uphold.

President Buhari promised in his inaugural speech to be fair to all. He said, "I am for everybody and I am for nobody." But he later said that he would treat those that gave him 97% vote with 97% attention and those that gave him 5% vote with 5% attention. That is probably what he understood by fairness and he has kept his promise because his kinsmen  (Islamic Jihadists ) are getting more juicy appointments than the "infidels" in his government. But, is this act not contrary to the law of reflecting federal characters?

President Muhamadu Buhari is a man of unquestionable character! Was this why he refused to be questioned by Oputa Panel? Recall that Oputa Panel was set by President Olusegun Obasanjo to investigate the series of human rights abuses that characterized the Military Rule up to 1999  but Buhari with a show of contempt and above-the-law mentality insisted that the law must be reviewed. He  blatantly refused to appear before the Human Rights Violation Investigations panel and nothing happened to him.

What about the 2.8 billion Naira that went missing from the accounts of the NNPC in Midlands Bank in the United Kingdom under his watch as a Federal Commissioner of Petroleum and Natural Resources?
There are other crimes of Muhamadu Buhari but let's go to Nnamdi Kanu.

What about Nnamdi Kanu?
Nnamdi Kanu was with Movement for the Actualization of the Soverign State of Biafra (MASSOB) headed at that time by Ralph Uwazurike. Nnamdi Kanu did not plan nor carry out any coup to overthrow the leadership of Ralph Uwazurike.

Nnamdi Kanu is opposed to the amalgamation of 1914 done by Fredrick Lugard who joined oil and water that cannot mix. He is opposed to Hausa/Fulani killing his people on daily basis which is a proof that oil has never mixed with water( Lugardian experiment can never work). Hausa/Fulani are religious fanatics who do not value lives hence cannot peacefully coexist with other tribes. The Hausa/ Fulani formed and sponsor Boko Haram, Herdsmen and other religious fanatics killing and maiming Christians.

Nnamdi Kanu, unlike Buhari did not carry guns and bullets to wage war against Fredrick Lugard nor Federal Government of Nigeria to show his displeasure rather he opened a radio station to educate and organise his people.

Buhari secretly planned his coups and executed them but Nnamdi openly educated and organised his people.
Nnamdi Kanu did not teach his followers violence even though he sounded harsh in his radio broadcasts.  He was using his harshness as a tactics of attention attraction which is evident because had he taught them violence, IPOB would have retaliated in the faces of provocations, extrajudicial killings, arrests and massacres of their members during their prayers meetings and peaceful protests.

Nnamdi Kanu intends good for all in Nigeria by trying to actualize a solution to Nigeria's problem:breakup: where everyone can go back to status quo; where everyone will be in his or her nation and feel safe, relevant, productive, freely actualize their dreams and utilize their talents to better their world without any subjugation nor persecution.
Seeing that the value systems of Oduduwa, Arewa and Biafra are divergent, Nnamdi Kanu doesn't want the destructive invention and experiment of a Whiteman to continue to destroy his people. He is saying that people in Nigeria should prove that they are not animals and follow the path of wisdom to dismantle this invention of Lugard seeing that no man in Nigeria can go and join Britain and European Union against their wish and even if he does, Britain are wise enough to choose their destiny.

Therefore let Oduduwa stand as a nation, Arewa stand as a nation and let Biafra be on her own...that is the ideology of Nnamdi Kanu. It doesn't amount to Treasonable Felony.

Written by: Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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  1. Bitterness written all over this post. You ended up actualizing one thing: hatred for Hausa/Fulani. N.Kanu will remain behind bars for the rest of his miserable life.