Reading the news that appeared on the official website of  Vanguard on 15th August, 2016 by 9:54AM titled "MEND says Nnamdi Kanu accepted to renounce Biafra in secret", I couldn't help but laugh at the frustration of Nigerian government over Nnamdi Kanu's doggedness and stubbornness and a story about a setup against my pastor came to my mind.

The story:
A new pastor was transferred to my church without the notification of the old one. The old was revered by all hence members still went to him (being now the assistant pastor to the new) for prayers and counsellings even after the new had prayed and counselled them.
The New became frustrated after putting up strategies to debase him but all failed. He then started nursing evil against the old.

He organised some area boys from another town and one day the old pastor went to pray for a member that had an accident and was hospitalised. While returning home  by his bike he saw a sister from the church who was returning towards his direction and stopped to help her.
On their way home, some group of area boys stopped and dragged them to a nearby hotel and accused the pastor of taking the sister to the hotel.
All of them drove down to the church premises.

At the sight of the unexpected crowd, I was afraid. But when I saw the new pastor with some members of the church, I was relieved but was confused. I asked the leader of the area boys what is happening because at that time the new pastor was dancing around the pulpit with his wife saying, "God has answered my prayers! Old pastor has been caught fornicating ....!"

The leader of the area boys said to me, "I am a graduate of Abia State University, Uturu and currently the manager of Nzemba Hotels. This pastor (referring to the old pastor ) has been coming to my hotel with this girl and as such, I want to see the elders of the church so that the whole world will know what he is doing." What a cheap lie!

I replied him, "I'm a student of the University of Benin, Benin City Edo State, 200L and can never with the level of my management skill acquisition, parade a customer that patronizes my company in this dishonourable manner let alone you that claim to be a graduate. So tell me now what is happening!"

He was dumbfounded and took me to a private place and hinted me about the setup plan arranged by the new pastor but asked me to keep it secret until the pastor pays them their last kobo.

Nigeria government is frustrated having tried all known strategies but failed in their quest to debase Nnamdi Kanu just as the new pastor was frustrated. They have tried to come up with different charges but such charges they have seen hold no water.

Now they have resorted to using disgruntled hungry elements like those area boys who came up with cheap lies.
MEND claim that they are a movement for emancipating the so-called Niger Delta but it's clear that they started the struggle for the sake of their belly.

They disappointed their kinsmen who believed in them. They embraced amnesty and abandoned the struggle showing that their initial plan was their belly.
Now that Buhari has refused to continue the amnesty, how else will they survive if not by being tools in the hands of the government?

I have a question to ask:
"Why would the government leave IPOB leadership and dialogue with area boys?" Are there not responsible people apart from the IPOB leadership that Kanu can appoint to represent him? Why would Nigerian government leave these responsible people and go for irresponsible elements? Does it suggest that the government itself is grossly irresponsible?

Okay! The MEND that claims to be negotiating for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, let me ask you, "MEND, have you met with the leadership of IPOB to dialogue or discuss with them?"

Negotiating for the release of Nnamdi Kanu means that you want his freedom.  But why have you not negotiated for the freedom of your so-called Niger Deltans seeing how dilapidated and impoverished they have become? Why did you quench your emancipation project? Simply because of your belly!

MEND, how do you think you can deceive members of the public who are aware of your irresponsibility into believing your cheap lie?
For your notice, Nnamdi Kanu is a man of great integrity. He has repeated it over and over that he would prefer remaining in detention for the next 1000years and get Biafra than getting his freedom without Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu is not Ralph Uwazurike of MASSOB neither is he Jomo Gbomo of MEND rather he is like Nelson Mandela of South Africa and has maintained his slogan, "Biafra or Death".

If Nnamdi Kanu would have renounced Biafra, he would have done so when Ohaneze Ndigbo made a move in that direction but rather he said that he would rather die in jail because he knew what they were up for.
MEND, go and tell your paymasters that your cheap lies failed to produce the desired result so that they can switch over to another better lie then you can provide video evidence of your claims.
But know it that Nnamdi Kanu can never renounce Biafra in secret or in open, dead or alive to him,  it is "Biafra or Death".

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Edited by Nwa Biafra
Published by Uchechi Collins
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