By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Vanguard Newspaper publishers are currently living out the popular saying that those who “sow the wind will reap the whirlwind”. In fact, theirs have gone beyond just reaping the whirlwind. They are now at the level reaping both the whirlwind and harvesting the storm.

The above is a finding of Biafra Choice Writers following careful investigation into why the newspaper company suddenly turned into paid agent of Nigerian government to debase the legitimate aspiration of Biafran peoples, even in the Niger Delta area. Our findings aptly revealed how Sam Amuka Pemu, the owner of the publications, turned his newspapers into the “yellow sheets” they have become; and allowed it to lie about Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) splitting, as well as Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) he leads being sacked and splintered.

It was a surprise to ardent readers of Vanguard how the paper suddenly turned to “gutter journalism”. Instructively, what they did not know was that the newspaper was never an innocent bystander in the affairs of the expired Nigeria. It had functioned like all the other “brown envelop” journalists in Nigeria, but the owners have been able to successfully operate below the radar until now.

The newspaper company is owned by Sam Amuka Pemu, who hails from Itshekiri in Delta State. he was Editor of defunct Sunday Times before becoming the Managing Director of Punch (the number one (Biafra, Igbo-hating) newspaper in Nigeria. he had a row with the publisher of Punch Newspapers before MKO Abiola loaned him money to start Vanguard. He saw himself as indebted to Yoruba people and was always ready to stand behind them.

Unfortunately for him, he was so indiscreet to have married a wayward, fetish, and irresponsible woman named Oyindamola. That was what blew his cover and allowed the evil Nigerian government to come after him. It was the irrational past activities of the woman that formed the crux of what Nigerian Directorate of State Security (DSS) used to nail him, that today he has completely become a lackey of the Nigerian government.

Before now, Vanguard publications took somewhat fair and objective view of happenings in Niger Delta in particular, and Biafraland in general. As a matter of fact, the outfit was content with its ‘brown envelope’ genre of journalism practice – doing PR for politicians, governments and government agents and collecting gratifications in the process.

The turn-around came in the publishing company when operatives of SSS threw the murder case of Amuka’s wife to his face. His wife had wanted to stop him from flirting around with women, and felt that her best means of doing that would be through rituals.

She contracted men who got her a 14 year old boy who was hypnotized and taken to a shrine in Lagos. There the boy was beheaded after Mrs. Amuka had held his head and did incantations. She was arrested, handcuffed and detained for several days. She eventually bribed her way through with 4 Million Naira, and ran away to the United Kingdom.

This was what SSS men threw at Amuka before he started playing ball against IPOB and NDA. In fact, Amuka and his men were so frightened that his Editor, Mideno Bayagbon as well as his IT Manager agreed to be part of every protest against NDA and Biafra.

Now, Vanguard and its owners and managers are reaping the whirlwind of Nigerian government, and harvesting the storm of Biafrans. It should not anyone. 
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