BIAFRA The media is recognised as a potent instrument of information, education, entertainment and most importantly mobilisation and moulding of public opinion. Most experts have agreed that one of the most remarkable challenges or our time is the increase power and pervasiveness of the media. That is why the question of compliance with professional standard and ethics has become famous globally. Around the world today, there is growing concern about the media behaviour and journalism practice. Mostly in the contraption called Nigeria, and Vanguard news has become a willing tool of the Nigerian government. An expert also posited that the mass media constitute one of the principal locations for the religious propagation and (self-) preservation of religious groups. Media as an agent of information, education, sensitization and mobilisation is a key and central aspect of living and socialisation in the country, including religion. The behaviour of the media in this circumstance is, therefore, central to the promotion of disseminating innocent and peaceful people. The Vanguard newspaper of today has turned automatically to endorse innocent citizens, therefore, putting many into confusion and risk.
Even though this deposition is incontestable, a critical examination will, however, reveal that the history and the course of Nigerian newspapers rested on a three pillar edifice viz. Religion, public service and the struggle for national emancipation and independence. Religion was, however, the central support and plank used by the colonists to take over governance of the various units that makes up what is known as Nigeria today. And it was the Christian religion that opened the gates of mass media in the country. Could the Nigeria media especially Vanguard newspaper under this circumstance be objective, fair, neutral, impartial, accurate and professional regarding conveying news or information to the public? Can they for the first time in history deviate from lies and propagandas against The Indigenous People Of Biafra and their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a conflict or even non-conflict situation among freedom fighting groups? Is there a direct correlation between media ownership and bias in the coverage of self-determination in Nigeria? Could there be a correlation between religious persuasion of journalists and their reporting of The Indigenous People Of Biafra and their inter-relative affairs in Nigeria? Vanguard newspapers could always fail to report how the Nigerian government automatically turned Biafra Land into an ear zone, but would rather propagate and convert from one spot to the other? The colonial government of the Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland Wales handed the media to them, because the Queen/King used the instrumentalities for the missionaries to establish colonial supremacy over Nigeria and other British colonies.
This the actual reason they won't let Biafra go. The media knew and still know all these but chose to ignore it or collaborate to extend the frontiers of evangelization further through Western education by propagating lies which Nigeria was founded on. Vanguard and so many other newspapers must stop to exist in any part of Biafra Land since they had failed to change and adopt truth as their watch world. When Biafra Land has finally been reestablished, shall go with penalties. We Biafrans in one voice and one mind, have decided to make it known to the world how Vanguard and other Nigeria media has taken it upon themselves to destroy the good works of the leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the entire IPOBians. This is what we can not take, and we shall crumble Vanguard till the last. Biafrans are also waiting to hear the Rebranded IPOB declaring their new leader. If we must remind you, (vanguard) stated it categorically clear that they vowed to name their new leader yesterday being 29th of August 2016. It's quite unfortunate that there is no such thing. IPOB will deal with you, and when we are through, you can never recover from the shock. We are Biafrans, we are not Nigerians, we are formidable and determined at all times. ALL HAIL BIAFRA!

Emmanuel Precious
Edited Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu writers.
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