Madam; hope you really traveled to USA? If you did why this irrelevant advertisement, is it because you and your household are not suffering or in hunger like the rest of Nigerians your husband handicapped? Biafrans are enjoying because millions of Biafrans send in something from abroad, trust them! Please I am getting tired of this advertisement, is USA heaven? What is so special about this trip? I saw you snapping pictures like a newly deflowered girl while in actual fact, Buhari really deflowered you at age 9! Please don’t be offended, I heard this when I traveled to Igweocha. I don’t equally believe you were deflowered at 9, I guess it was 13; all the same, I want to talk about your advertisement.

Oh! Now I remembered; Fayose said you were indicted in Halliburton scandal, so you decided to travel to USA to show us you are not the Aisha Buhari in question. Yes now I remembered, you told us that Aisha Buhari is one Aisha living in Aba, a shoe repairer, she was the very one indicted and not you. I wonder how that Aisha Buhari at Aba got thousands of Dollars and connected with US senator. Miracle extraordinaire! Madam; so you are still fighting with Fayose, you have never slept with two eyes closed. You see Fayose in your dreams, a scary nightmare. Oh! You want to prove Fayose wrong, that Buhari’s Family is not more corrupt than Abacha’s family? Madam; is this not waste of time? Even if you are corrupt, who would touch you in Nigeria? Rotimi Amaechi my brother was not touched; who would touch you?

See me see trouble; just in effort to avert Fayose’s trouble, I heard you were spotted with a handbag of 105,000 Pounds abi Dollars. I am just confused, or was it 105,000 Naira? It should be 105,000 Naira because your family could not buy a form for APC primary election last two years. But Madam if you really have a handbag of 105,000 Dollars; God is watching oo; Nigerians cannot afford two square meals and kwashiorkor is killing the children of the North. In Biafra, if our first lady behaves like that, we would probe her immediately.

I saw the trip was very wonderful; you went with Sahara Reporters - your camera company and your advertisement company. But I thought that company is a media house? Anyway; anything is possible in Nigeria. They videoed and snapped you; I saw only black men and women in those pictures; was that United States of Blacks? You film editor did a poor job; I am not saying you did not travel to USA. You sure did and it was a fantastic one. Madam; your journey was followed like you went to court and won a case on Halliburton; if you are involved in Halliburton scandal; why travel to USA to prove your innocence; innocence is proven in the court. If your Husband is serious, he should reopen Halliburton and then invite you and the Aisha Buhari from Aba. But allow Fayose to set up the team that would probe you. Bomb! Don’t yet collapse Madam, nobody will reopen that case. You have traveled to USA and that is the investigation or probe carried out by your husband.

So it is over; Halliburton scandal has been probed and you were declared innocent, was that the essence of this trip? I don’t understand and I need help here, your advertisement company even went further to advertise how you raised money for your trip. I did not bother reading the story; if Nnamdi Kanu said the truth and he was arrested; I know truth is not needed in Nigeria. I hope you did not tell them APC sponsored your Trip because I am aware Lai Mohammed begged for a loan that will never be paid back to travel to China.

Madam I heard after your trip you decided to let us know that Fayose was the reason you embarked on that trip. We have even forgotten the accusation against you that you claimed to be before a competent court. Please that money wasted could have helped children dying of Hunger in Northeast. A country indeed, in a country children are dying and a mother that ought to fight is travelling and flaunting 105,000 Dollars handbag. This woman is a disgrace to everything sensible. I am waiting for the Halliburton scandal probe where you shall prove your innocence.

Come, excuse me Madam; why did it take you so long to go to USA after cancelling and missing it for several times. O dear me! Now I just remembered that there was a report that you were making arrangements to go to USA without being arrested; they said there is an international law that protects or gives immunity; nobody will arrest you on this trip. This woman; who said Hausa women are not brilliant? Anyway; somebody must have made the arrangement or given you the idea. I am very sure it can’t be Buhari because a man without O’level, I don’t think he can do anything about that. To even speak correct English to the ambassador or relevant authorities is likened to Nigeria avoiding killing Biafrans.

Obama once said he would visit Nigeria? Maybe he has done the last favor to your husband; we all know he is a staunch supporter of your husband. By January next year when Trump must have won; I don’t think any arrangement will work, travelling to USA will be a walk into a trap. How could you be walking freely without any probe while USA senator is languishing in jail? Anyway, you said your position is bigger than the office of a Governor, so your office could be more than that of USA senate position. "We dey craze"! If we try that in USA; like Obama's wife to saying her office is bigger than that of a USA Governor. Tah!!…….Obama will be disgraced for not teaching his wife simple ethic and he would be asked, was your wife elected into any office? But Aisha please, note this; because you can touch Buhari and tell him, darling, “command our soldiers to massacre Biafrans” and he would do it, does not mean you "get power pass Fayose".

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie
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