It becomes important now, as we lament our terrible fortune in letting Muhammadu Buhari become our chief executive in government that we should begin to tell ourselves some home truths about what we know of this devil we call our President. I believe this will enable us prepare for the worse as he is prepared to give us the worse, together with his counterpart in the United States of America (USA). I believe also that by informing ourselves, we will be able to counter their moves.

Anyone that knows anything about this Daura man must not hesitate to tell us. That is why I must now write of what I know from my vantage point as man who knows the goings on in the inner circle of Nigerian government. This article contains a lot of information, but my main aim is to reveal the plot by Obama and Buhari to oust Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey in a coup d’├ętat, and to turn his country into crisis for some roles he has refused to play.

In March 31, this year, during Obama’s last Nuclear Security Summit held in the USA, he commended Buhari before Canadian President, Justin Trudeau – telling him that Buhari was “doing a good job”. It was hard to understand whether Trudeau understood what Obama meant, as many Nigerians did not understand what good job Buhari was doing.

But now the scale has fallen off the eyes of many, even as they now learn of Buhari’s involvement in the coup in Turkey. But there are still so much more not learn about Buhari’s atrocities both in Nigeria and outside of it. Right now, many Nigerians think Buhari’s involvement with the Turkey coup just started and ended with transferring the funds to the men on ground in Turkey. But it went beyond that. Buhari is neck-deep in his involvement with many Obama schemes around the world.
Even as I write, he has Arabians stationed in Nigeria in absolute luxury, who are his think-thank that give him advice and insights on developments in the Arab/Moslem world.

In August last year, few weeks after he assumed power, his government gave visa to Ahmad al-Assir, a Lebanese Moslem, and an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader. Many people would think he was the only one given visa by Buhari. No! He was just the only one that was not able to pass through. He would have been part of that think-tank today.

Many observers did not know that “doing a good job” which Obama said of his “grandfather”, Buhari, meant that the old Nigerian Muslim bigot was playing the perfect lackey to him, and to his Muslim backers in their attempt to shift Turkey away from its status as the only Moslem democracy in the middle-east and to plunge it into crisis.

What many people do not know is that Turkey runs a democracy unlike Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and other Islamic countries in the region. It is about the only Arabian country that has democratized and is bidding to join the European Union (EU). But that is not good for Muslim fanatics like Buhari and Obama abhorred that.

Yes, Obama is a Moslem; there is no doubt about that. One does not need lensed glasses to see it; and he has proven it with his actions over time. Agreed, USA does not have any problem with Moslem countries because they have Moslem friends. In fact, Moslem zone with riches are USA preys. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt are good examples. Yet, USA does not fight Jews, Israel or Christians. But Obama is the only American leader that supports to annihilation of Christians as he is aiding Buhari to do all over Nigeria and aided Morsi to do in Egypt. His hatred of Israel also attests to that.

The coup:
Right now there is tension in Aso Rock. Not really about what the people already know, but what they do not know, and the fact that their possibility of their knowing is growing. What with Obama, at a time, calling Buhari every 30 minutes and telling him to do everything to protect his image and that of the USA.

Aso Rock’s major source of worry is their awareness that Turkey leader is just bidding his time for now. He does not want to talk about the USA/Nigeria connection on the coup yet, until after he has visited Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

Obama’s plans for what to do with Buhari, concerning Turkey, started long before the 2015 elections in Nigeria. In fact, this was what those campaigning for Biafra did not know. They did not know that Obama’s urge to Islamize the entire world was bigger than his consideration for any peoples’ freedom. That was why he turned blind eye to their entreaties for him to lend a hand in their work for their freedom, the freedom of Biafra and its independence.  That was why also, he first plotted with some Northern governors, 12 of them and a deputy governor (all Moslems), who visited him in August 2014, to help in ousting Jonathan from office.

The governors had visited under the guise of fighting Boko Haram, but they all knew that Boko Haram was part of the plot. Does it not surprise anybody that Obama refused to brand Boko Haram a terrorist group until the Senators suddenly rose to their responsibility and started asking questions on why the government had ignored pleas to brand the sect a terrorist organisation? People should understand that when Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram boasted that USA would not be able to subdue them, he knew that the USA leader was their godfather.

Obama’s plot to float Boko Haram was to use it to discredit former President, Goodluck Jonathan, so that he will be disgraced him out of office. Did it not surprise anyone that Obama bluntly refused to sell arms to Jonathan to confront Boko Haram. Not only that, he influenced many important countries not to sell arms to Jonathan, thereby forcing the poor man to look for arms through the black market. Obama did not stop there; he stopped the USA from buying oil from Nigeria, and organized other countries to do same, except perhaps India. Apart from discrediting Jonathan, Obama had his eyes on drastically reducing the Christian population in Nigeria.

Now, with Jonathan boxed into a corner, Obama finally busied himself with his (Jonathan’s) ouster. He dispatched his electoral hatchet man, David Axelrod, to Nigeria, giving him all the resources and assistance needed, to axe Jonathan. Nigerians should understand that when Buhari boasted that if he lost the election that “monkeys and baboon” would be soaked in blood; he knew the power behind him. But did Jonathan have to go? Yes, he did not accept the wicked plan and Obama’s evil political games, so he was ready (and did) walk out of the seat as a gentleman.

But Buhari accepted everything, even for baboons and monkeys to be soaked in their blood, before Obama decided to lend a hand in rigging him into Power. Obama then reached an agreement that he would pay Buhari certain amount of dollars. Part of the bargain was that Buhari was told by Obama to block the forex in Nigeria once he steps into office, so as to raise the said amount monthly and to pay same to a given account in Turkey. Buhari chose United Bank for Africa (UBA) for the wicked transaction. But why he chose the bank, I have not been able to find out.

It is instructive to know that the USA ceased from continuing with the execution of the coup plan when it was certain that it was going to fail. It then pretended to be helping in foiling it. Actually, discontinuing with the coup was their plan B. The plan A was to unseat Erdogan, but when it became apparent that it would not work, they change to plan B. interestingly, that has always been the USA way of doing things. They will create a crisis and then pretend to help in finding a solution when it appears to be getting out of hand.

Now, in sending the money to Turkey, Obama had told Buhari to tell any prying eyes that it was meant to take care of Syrian refugees. As a result of the latest development, what is going on now is that in his bid to “the integrity of Obama and the USA”, Buhari is telling UBA to deny knowledge of the transactions. But Turkey has all the facts. Perhaps they will spill the beans after Erdogan has visited Putin and apologized to him. We wait!

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