BIAFRA Before the arrival of Dr Nnamdi Kanu with a darling station known as Radio Biafra, Biafrans have been wallowing in 'thick darkness'. The night in this context has to do with the level of misleading which Nigeria, its government, and leaders has directly and indirectly subjected majority of Biafrans from knowing the majority of realities behind some ugly events over sixty (60) years of Hausa/Fulani Yoruba, ill-melted leadership.
The worse thing that will ever endanger average Biafrans is to abstain self from listening to Gospels always aired on Radio Biafra to avenge their whisked away mindsets. Some Biafrans has ended up employing their anus as an avenue of reasoning instead of the natural duty of the ear. People like Rochas Okorocha, Willie Obiano, Peter Obi, and others need to be embedded to the frequency of Radio Biafra every second of the day. The Prophet of my generation, Dr Nnamdi Kanu is indeed true God's sent. If Kanu was not inspired by God, I think Radio Biafra would have become a forgotten goal. He was moved to settle the installation of Radio Biafra in London, registered in London, headquartered in London, and relay to the zoo called Nigeria from same London. If not this inspired touch from Chukwu Okike, Buhari would have ended up establishing a word of the century 'Pirate Radio' in place of Radio Biafra.
If not the inspiration from God that moved Dr Nnamdi Kanu to establish the Indigenous People of Biafra in London, Buhari would have ended up imprinting IPOB as a terrorist organisation. Today is so pure and clear to understand that the fear of Radio of Biafra led Mohammed Buhari to kidnap and detain Dr Nnamdi Kanu so that the awakening Gospels from Radio Biafra to emancipate Biafrans will be put to stop. Accusing Dr Nnamdi Kanu Treasonable Felony is a fall out of dried knowledge. Mohammed Buhari ran out of ideas and knowledge to understand that Kanu ought to be a Spirit, and he lives in millions of Biafrans. Average Biafran thinks and reasons like Dr Kanu. Every IPOB family member has a heart of a lion. The existence of Radio Biafra till this point in time should have alerted Mohammed Buhari and his cohorts: MEND, AREWA, etc. that We are not retiring yet.
I urge Buhari to reawaken his like daft mentality by listening to Radio Biafra day and night; it will help him to understand how brilliant the anchors of Radio Biafra are. They are highly organised to be involved in Bokoharam like organisations that could be headed by personalities of Buhari's like. There is no other name to quantify or modify Radio Biafra of today since the disappearance of Dr Nnamdi Kanu than Podium of Truth.
Charging Dr Kanu Treasonable Felony is the worst mistake Buhari has made in his entire life. In your next world, pray to God to give you the privilege to go to school. Ask God to change your tyrant attitude. Tell God to create you Biafran so that you can make use of your brain like Dr Nnamdi Kanu. Pray to God that your next world should be in Biafra. Biafrans are pillars of thousand nations.
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchukwu Writers
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