Opposition candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari waves to supporters after casting his vote in his home town of Daura, northern Nigeria Saturday

There is a proverb that says; he that greets the deaf does not greet because he expects response from the deaf but only greets so that God will bear him witness. In line with this proverb, we have been criticizing General Muhammadu Buhari and we had warned Nigerians of the severe consequences of choosing Buhari as the president of Nigeria.
And we did this before the military dictator was smuggled into Aso Rock as the president and we are still doing it thereafter, not because we expect Buhari to mend his ways but we are doing it for record purposes and for God to bear us witness.
The Bible has it that there was a time the children of Israel ignored God’s warning, prefered to have an earthly king rule over them and had to bear the brunt of their choice. The consequences of their intransigence and indiscretion stretch over time and eventually led to the division of the kingdom.
In like manner, Nigerians made their choice between Jonathan and Buhari and cannot run away from the consequences of their indiscretion. What will be will be, period. So you see life is about choice but the good thing about life is that it is fair and gracious enough to have granted us the right of choice. We were not compelled but we chose Buhari freely. For every choice made there is always at least an alternative and there are consequences.
God, the Almighty and all knowing says in the book of Isaiah that He created good and evil, He created light and darkness. I trust He could not have created anything that is useless. Even darkness as dark as it is, is useful. Nothing is absolutely useless. That which is considered useless can be useful.
Even Buhari, our very useless president, is uselessly useful. Buhari is a pointer, rouser and an eye-opener. He became the president of Nigeria for the second time at the most auspicious time to open up the eyes of the many blind Nigerians, especially those from the South and also to awake them from their deadly slumber.
Buhari is here to muddle up everything in Nigeria, to represent, expose, and promote everything evil in Nigeria, to drive us to the edge, to inflict maximum pains, suffering and hardship on Nigerians, to set the North against the South and the South against the North. To set Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims, to set tribe against tribe, to destroy our fake and tenuous national unity, to destroy our fake economy, to destroy our old and dysfunctional institutions of the army, police, DSS, EFCC, customs, immigrations services, judiciary, senate, National Assembly, etc.
How then can one say Buhari is useless? This is what Jonathan could not do. Buhari is here to quicken either the disintegration or the restructuring and remaking of Nigeria. Like Jehu he is riding his chariot rough and furious. The way things are falling apart in Nigeria and with the wantonness Buhari is carrying on like a mercenary, it seems he is carelessly in a hurry to execute and finish up with his task.
Buhari has put down his signature and there is nothing more to expect from him. He is not a long distance racer but a short distance racer and his strength is small. As a destroyer he does not need to be constructive and focused, those are qualities for builders. Buhari is not a builder, he is a destroyer. A destroyer is not necessarily useless and can be useful even as Buhari is in a way.
We are not in a democracy. Our democracy ended or there was an aberration from the 29th of May, 2015. We are into something else which has no tenure. Buhari’s engagement is unconstitutional and has no tenure and that’s the truth.
Nigerians should begin to worry and plan for post-Buhari era which may come soon. Buhari has awakened the dormant forces in us and there are heightened agitations everywhere in the length, breadth, height and depth of Nigeria. The octaves of the momentums of the respective forces are approaching some disturbing and dangerous dimensions.
After Buhari, it’ll never be business as usual aka soldier go soldier come. It’ll be impossible for this country to continue to stagger like a drunkard or an old rickety mammy waggon under the weighty and disposable baggages of fake national unity, a dysfunctional government, army, police, DSS, EFCC, judiciary, customs, immigrations services, senate, National Assembly, etc.
Today Nigeria has no national government, no institutions which are supposed to be symbol of the strength of our national unity. Everything has been commandeered by Buhari and his Northern agenda fanatics for their own sectional/tribal convenience.
Buhari has crossed all the red lines and there is no going back. It’s either we restructure or we split. Anybody from the South yet to recover from political blindness by Buhari’s healing balm should count himself/herself very unlucky because such will die blind.
Anybody Southerner that has not been awakened by Buhari’s violent rampages should know his/her case is beyond redemption and may perish in his/her deadly sleep.
Buhari, the pyromaniac, has set fire on everything and there is fire everywhere. It’s from the ashes thereof we must raise a new Nigeria or we go our separate ways.
It’s more than a mere coincidence that at a time Nigeria was desperately in need of a humane, intelligent, patriotic, incorruptible, and benevolent national leader, a strange spirit of insanity suddenly bewitched many Nigerians including pastors, imams, army, police, journalists, politicians, professors, traders, students, etc and they stubbornly and blindly prefered Buhari, an evil, a known evil, a destroyer, an anarchist, a bigot, an islamist fundamentalist, a cheat, liar, tyrant and one of the worst enemies of the Nigerian state.
We must do away with self pity and other forms of sensuousness and see this opportunity for truly what it is; a golden opportunity offered out of a divine conspiracy to clothe Nigeria now with a garment of greatness.
We must accept it as our very own and grab it with both hands. It’s time to talk tough and act tough. It’s time to tell the northern oligarchs in no mistaken manner what they have been so afraid to hear; it’s time to enthrone true fiscal federalism or you get lost. We must do that very authoritatively.
Never mind Buhari’s army, police, DSS and EFCC because they are all spineless twerps. They can not withstand the force of the collective will of Nigerians.
Nigeria is contraption founded upon injustice, ethnicity, religious intolerance, corruption and political brigandry and has been grappling with a strange marriage and unserviceable satanic political configuration.
It takes a devil like Buhari to rubbish everything and accelerate the collapse of the evil marriage/political configuration. It takes a demoniac like Buhari to draw the curtain and bring this evil and tortuous chapter of our existence to a sudden close.
Arrangement should be on top gear to tell Buhari, the medieval scruffy and scraggy old man, thank you for a job well done but please go home in peace or otherwise.
By Linus Charles 
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  1. As I slept off this night I had a slight headache that sent me to sleep
    But as I slept I saw something a vision about Nigeria.
    I first saw a familiar face go bankrupt after trying their luck with all the life savings and he had 3people depending on him. As I tried to console the 3people explaining to them what happened to their dependant and they are going to get over it.

    I immediately entered into transit. Where I saw many people gathering asking people to choose which line they're standing for Biafra or Nigeria .
    Immediately I told them Nigeria.it looked like a referendum,immediately they pushed me aside to Nigeria side I saw international lawyers from allover the world invited
    I can't remember what exactly what I said that cause nnamdi kanu to be released to defend his Biafra choice.i saw him thanking me for his release despite I was on Nigeria side. I also saw him preparing seriously for his challenge to defend Biafra everything was happening peaceful as people for Nigeria and those for Biafra are all there gather making all the noise in the world. Me I was busy playing around shouting Nigeria Nigeria whereas those for Biafra freely shouting biafra biafra
    All of a sudden the Nigerian group where asked to sing the Nigeria anthem they all raised their right hands in affirmation and sang whereas those for Biafra where asked to sing there's they equally did as if on a competition.
    But before I could turn my back and front I saw a larger number of people rushing out shouting Nigeria Nigeria as if Nigeria eventually won.
    It was so peaceful.
    In that dream Nigeria won the referendum.

    I don't know what this dream may mean for Nigeria future my dreams are not always mere dreams they're visions they 'r either a present, 1week or two weeks happening or in the future I v always heard it as a child.had a fair share of the manifestation experience during my university days but I was hardly a prayer prayer person it just comes on its own with or without me doing anything about it what happens when I pray.
    May God help Nigeria my country and Nigerian to be faithful loyal and honest and serve this nation with all their heart and defend it's unity and uphold her honour and glory so help us God.
    May the will of God for Nigeria prevail.
    It wldnt be by the power ofmoney but power of the will of the spoken word of God for his people.Dt is why someone lost his life saving at the beginning of the dream