Buhari: the Islamist
From Biafra Choice Writers

With the establishment of Islamic Bank in Nigeria, the jig-saw puzzle of how the trio of Saudi government; Barack Obama, the outgoing President Unites States of America (USA); and Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian blood-sucking President, planned to Islamize Nigeria has fallen into place.
Biafra Choice Writers learnt that it was Buhari’s obsession for Islamization that made him to turn away from every sound advice on how to save the country’s economy.  This was because a destroyed Nigerian economy – especially the destruction of the banking system – was part of his plan.
The plan was to see to the destruction of secular banking system, so as to make it easier for the Islamic banking – that was being brought on board – to thrive. One of the ways for it to thrive would be by granting loans to collapsing governments to pay salaries and provide other services. In granting the loans, the governments would be made to accept to fully implement some islamization clauses, one of which would be the wholesale teaching of Arabic in schools as well as building of mosques in schools.

It is on record that many states governments, like Osun and Imo states, have already accepted these loans and are going ahead with the implementation plans.
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