Theresa May
By Ifeanyi Chijioke
From Biafra Choice Writers

I have made every relevant arrangement and gotten the Twitter handle of Theresa May, I have also spoken with my friends in London. My concern is to make sure the humble ‘Mother’ gets my letter; this is not just a letter but a prophetic letter. The purpose of making sure that the letter gets to the prime minister of Britain is because the prophetic message contained in it was strictly sanctioned by the prophet himself-Nnamdi Kanu. Britain is at the brink of total collapse, and only this letter will save her from the cliff she is about to descend from. Every lover of Britain must acknowledge this letter and duly act, unless such a person chooses to be defiant to the Spirit of God.
Dear mother, permit me to go by that title even though I know you are holding one of the highest political positions in the world. I have special love and respect for women but more for mothers, I believe so much that every mother is same. The tender heart of a mother is one thing that is unique about them, so fragile that the hurt of even a condemned man touches their kind, motherly heart. The compassion of motherhood is without limit and so is the hatred of a wild mother. It would be more dangerous for a mother to hate one than a father. If a father does, he sees one as not part of his plan; but if a mother does, she goes a long way to terminate that which she hates. But you have not been that way.
I have read briefly about you; how you have acted sufficiently with just a step. I heard Boris Johnson was given a notable position in government by you, which I see as sign of zero tolerance to rancor? You have shown a glimpse that the world will be a better place for the down-trodden, the oppressed or subjugated and people in modern slavery. The budget mapped out for the foreign aid is not everything; rather everything should be the ability to give desired peace in countries where none exist.
This is why I am praying Theresa May to be a mother and not a murderer in this letter of mine. You have never been a murderer and never shall you be, you are a magnificent mother, so passionate and endowed with abilities. You have never been involved in any Email scandal, rubbished or accused. You are a July sunset waxing just after a conventional rainfall; you are something but a daisy in the beginning of April. Theresa May, you are the mother I adore.
Her Majesty’s prime seat of power has been a murderous one to the people of Biafra, this literary makes the occupant of that seat a murderer, while the puzzle is left unsolved. This did not make her Majesty’s prime seat of power entirely murderous; it has been lively and passionate to the people of Britain. It has been glorious to some other countries but to a particular people for over 100 years, that seat has been sucking up their blood, feeding on their flesh and wrongly taking their blessings. The people are the Great people of Biafra, even as we have shown readiness to trade our freedom with our resources, that prime seat has continued to walk wrongly on the path of deceit when it comes to the life of the Biafran.
Our pain remains that the Biafrans have taken these atrocities against them with so much equanimity without rocking the stability of the land. To you that has shown the heart of a mother to many, you can imagine the impact of the loss of lives, the wailing of childless mothers, widows and widowers in Biafraland. The pain of children forced to be orphans courtesy of the establishment made by that prime seat you now occupy.
I believe in the law of karma and spiritual attributes, I believe in God and the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe that the cry of a people can reach God whom I call “Chukwuokikeabiama” in my local language. The name Chukwuokike, meaning the God of creation; while Abiama means if you get closer to him, you know him better.
I am a Christian and I know you are also a Christian, though I have curiously made Biafra my religion. I, like many other Biafrans, am fanatical about Biafra, because we have seen it as our only hope for better life. We are tired of being subjugated and marginalized by people that don’t like us, who were (and are being) empowered by Britain. We want out of Nigeria. We have been in fervent prayer and fasting for the restoration of Biafra. Upon that, we have been massacred in our land where we came to pray by the Islamic leader of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.
Murdered by Buhari
I have watched closely and I can sense that the battle is now of God, the spiritual implication of Britain’s role has heavily come upon her. I am sufficient on this paragraph because we worship same God and we both know what God can do, even though God needs a human being to do them. I don’t doubt the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of God to fighting His battle. Mother, if you have doubt of the context of this paragraph. Let us make a critical assessment on my next or immediate paragraph.
In 1967 this seat of power solely masterminded the murder of over 5 million Biafrans with 1.5 million innocent children in the count. The children did not die honorably but died the worst death with immense pain and suffering. They were starved to death after a blockade was implemented and the seat you today occupy spearheaded that act. This prime seat of power went further and shielded the perpetrators of the genocide to the extent that nobody was persecuted for such atrocious act. The reason was simply that oil which is a major economy will be gained immensely by the prime seat; because of oil over 5 million innocent children of God were massacred. Their blood has been crying for justice, accusing and making a case against the seat of power you today occupy before the throne of the God you and I serve. If God is a living God, the cry of the spirit of our dead and the pains of the living will touch him because it has touched mankind with conscience. And because God is a living God, he has heard our cry and prayers and today I hereby prophetically bring you the message of God.
Britain will fall if the injustices in Biafra are not urgently addressed; the duties are upon Britain because she established the terminator of the priceless life God gave to mankind. Britain is guilty and has sinned against God and humanity. She equated life to resources and chose economic gain at the cost of the lives of the children of God. Britain will fall and the handwriting is very clear, if urgent attention is not given to the Biafra issue, the deed will be complete. Britain mysteriously left EU at her detriment; nobody ever fathomed the possibility of the ‘leave’. In highlight of the factor that cost ‘remainers’ the news came that weather condition was responsible for the victory for ‘leavers’. Voters in London were restricted and they poorly turned out. This little factor alone should convince anyone that nature was responsible for the exit, this exit that will cause Britain to bleed profusely.
 As a result of this loss, Britain is at the brink of collapse; Scotland is angling for another referendum, Wales will soon ask for her own, London is likely to agitate in the nearest future. With the flashing signs of a third world war, United Kingdom is in disarray and at the brink of falling off the cliff. There is nothing that can stop the fall of Britain if it fails to address the long overdue issue of Biafra. Biafra is a spirit and nemesis is catching up with people involved in the continuous murder of the children of that God you and I serve. Leaving EU will come with a price and if care is not taken, Britain will be used as an example to show others how disastrous EU exit could be. It would eventually take time for Britain to heal or stabilize but only if the spirit of the murdered Biafrans are given justice. Their blood is wailing and accusing Britain, God has heard the cry of his children and about to show his power.
Son, what is the justice Biafra wants? I believe having read my letter to this point; this question is very much unavoidable unless my supposed kind mother suffered loss of conscience. I will be pleased to answer your kind question, the waving daffodils of May. You are the prime minister of Britain as a result of the decision the people of Britain made through the conduct of referendum. Referendum as a sacred right has been observed by your great country even at the detriment of the wish of the leader of Britain. The people strongly agitated to leave a place they don’t want to stay, they were given the freedom to unanimously choose where they wanted to be. This great country also conducted referendum in 2014 for the people of Scotland to choose where they want to stay. Mother, all these happened without a fight, let alone murder, incarceration or intimidation of campaigners.
I will not waste my time to digress again, try to bring to your knowledge what is happening in Biafra. You already knew that a nation called Biafra existed but was cut short after three years, an effort that claimed over 5 million lives. You also knew that a renewed call for a sovereign state of Biafra being championed by Nnamdi Kanu has been consistently alive. You are aware of the level of bloodshed as a result of military action instead negotiation and dialogue. You are aware that your citizen Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and detained illegally till date. It must have reached you that the children of mothers like you are dying every day under Buhari’s gun; being forced to disappear and executed; arrested and detained, without justification. The people of Biafra have not lifted a gun or stick, they have not built an army either, we only built a radio station and propagated truth and called for our freedom. We have only demanded the same right you enjoyed as human being but we have only been shot and killed for making such a demand.

Mother, I will finalize this letter by urging you to use your good office to intervene and bring justice. Referendum is the fair solution and only sacrifice needed to lift Britain and lift the people of Biafra. Referendum is a win-win for everyone, this is the only sacrifice needed to appease the spirit of God. Sustenance of British policy in Biafra is license to death, and it would only make you a murderer. But the act of bringing fairness to Biafra question is only but the epitome of a mother and a leader. If carnivorous policies and deadly choices are what make a leader or politician, I had rather urge you to be a mother and be honored by men and blessed by God.
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