BIAFRA I will State plainly here that Mohammad Buhari has failed Woefully over his series of scenarios and missions to tarnish, disorganise and divide IPOB family, the Indigenous People Of Biafra. Buhari kind of plots are visible, and it's the kind that my younger siblings will never resort to using if found in such magnitude of Warfare with Biafrans.
Buhari at first, instituted MEND as a tool to disorganise IPOB family and other freedom fighters like Niger Delta Avengers but at the long run, they failed him to the core. They started in antagonising NDA that they have split. Later continued in linking Ex-President Dr Goodluck Jonathan with poor scorecard during his tenure. I know the good number of MEND members will not dare to support Buhari in his quest to ruin the People of Biafra because we are fighting a just course. As a use and dump axe, Buhari dropped MEND at the later end and decided to use other cheap avenues. At this time, Buhari secondly used a group called Niger Delta Avengers Splinter Group. In their mission, they started with same Ex-President Goodluck E. Jonathan as sole sponsor of NDA as mentioned earlier. The main point of that setup was to divert the attention of gullible Nigerians from his poor State of the economy and inflicted hardship. But as a surprise, Radio Biafra was able to X-ray the dirt out of its closet. Today, where are the So called Splinter group? Of cause, they are nowhere.
Thirdly, Buhari used Press Conference Avenue to rubbish and paint IPOB family as a key enemy of Niger Delta Avengers through Dr Nnamdi Kanu's team of Lawyers but unknown to him; IPOB hierarchy was alert. He Buhari bribed Kanu's Lawyers to distant IPOB from NDA pursuit for freedom. And to announce Kanu's readiness to dialogue with Federal Government of Nigeria. All that was a mere misrepresentation from the pit of Hell. Of cause, everyone knew and know what Kanu and IPOB are capable of doing. We are not cheap like MEND and Splinter group or Ohanaze. We sacked both Lawyers except Hon. Ejiofor who is lead Lawyer.
As if is not enough, now all we can see is TRIPOB. This is Almighty cheap blackmail from the pit of hell. IPOB as Boat - train of Biafra and Biafrans, we are not ready to accept any malicious statement. We are intact and formidable. No sign of division or disorganisation in the family of IPOB. TRIPOB group should come up with their hierarchy and who they represent. As for IPOB, we have no faction because we remain one family. This has shown that Mohammad Buhari trade on cheap, obvious plots and propaganda against his perceived enemies. All we need is the restoration of Biafra and anything less than that is death. Is as simple as that. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Edited by Udeagha obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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