By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Buhari’s dream of trying to keep Biafra under is quickly slipping through his fingers and he is trying to re-enact tricks and strategies to keep the dream alive. Unfortunately for him, the tricks and strategies being used are old and jaded. Not only that they are old and jaded, they are equally known by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who are ready and prepared for it before commencing the Biafra restoration effort.
IPOB also know that the new names being used for the current madness called The Rebranded Indigenous People of Biafra (TRIPOD) is being spearheaded by some dirty and money-minded Igbo quislings (efulefu) like Joe Nworgu, Secretary of Ohanaeze; and Okechukwu Isiguzoro, who claims to be youth leader of Ohanaeze; and a host of others. They are the ones commissioned for the recent and senseless news about the splitting of IPOB.
The duo are equally well supported by Dozie Ikedife, a well-known Biafra saboteur masquerading as Biafran elder. Ikedife is one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) members and agents; and a chieftain of BILIE Human right initiative that are being used by Buhari. He has done everything to steal the leadership of IPOB, but has failed.
They were paid handsomely to recruit 2000 youths whose faces are not known to the public. The rally will announce the sacking of Kanu from IPOB, and their reason would be that Kanu does not respect them and has consistently refused to take their advice on the issue of Biafra. Compromised Nigerian media are already waiting in the wings to carry the false news. They will claim that Kanu has been threatening them, even while in prison that he will kill them if they refused to do his bidden and remain recalcitrant like him.
The message from IPOB to Buhari is, let him organize as many groups as he likes; as many people as he likes, to deceive those he will deceive. We know he has created such groups as reformed Niger Delta Avengers; he has used Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), we can give him more names to play his stupid pranks with. Yes, IPOB is prepared to give him more names to use for his little childish gimmicks. For now, he has used other names like Rochas Okorocha; Chibuike; Joe Igbokwe; Dozie Ikedife; Emeka Esiri; and several others.
IPOB is a worldwide organisation and its leadership is known worldwide. The leadership and leaders of the organisation are known and not hidden, and of all the people to be named in the useless splitting plot against IPOB, none of them is known even in the smallest meeting of IPOB. That shows how stupid Buhari and his agents are. How did they think that the stupid plot will sail through.

The foolish man should know that he can use all the names in the world to try to undo the Biafra restoration effort, but that he will still fail. There are more names we can suggest to him for his use, and more people he can bribe, but it will not change anything, Biafra must be restored.
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  1. Dozie Ikedife and his group are indirectly fighting against God . I see their plot as rubbish and exercise in futility . No size of Ikedife,s army can help his dirty plot to succeed . Biafra is the Apple of God eyes and have come to stay .

  2. Money mongers. Seeking unnecessary public attention through their feebles and lies and trying to mislead the general public.Whatever they chose to be called, something was added to the original. And that makes it fake.

    IPOB remains intact and unshakable. Anything added to it becomes an entity of gullible and greety individuals preparing to fill their bags with bribes and this is their destiny- death.God bless the city of Truth. God bless IPOB.