The purported statements and misplaced threat emanating from disbanded criminal elements like the so-called MEND which allegedly means Movement for the enslavement of the Niger Delta, informants for DSS.These are political sidekicks and desperations from Gov. Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state, Mr.Timipre Silva and their political paymasters. They got indulged in kidnapping, hostage taking, Sea piracy, illegal oil bunkering, bank robberies and social crimes, the likes of Boyloafs, Ateke Toms, were associated to in their days in the name of struggle. These slaves called MEND, has also presented themselves to the government of Nigeria, to be used the same way Isaac Adaka Boro of non-blessed memory. The story of Isaac Adaka Boro is great lessons for contemporary and betrayals of the renewed move striving to restore the kingdom of our God Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama.

Movement of the enslaved Niger Delta in formats of the Department of State Security should have gone back to history, to understand the mission of Nigeria against them.
No doubt that history is no longer studied in Nigerian schools, in order not to enlighten the people of Biafra on the crimes committed against them. But Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama been so kind, gave us Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who took it upon himself to deny himself comfort which he had abundantly, only to lose his people from chains of bondage and mental slavery.

He gave in all he got, including his family, his wealth, happiness, joy and life to propagate this gospel.It is so amazing that some loop worms like MEND, are still unrepentant, therefore determined to sell out the leader of the Indigenous people Of Biafra, Dr. Nnamdi Kanu whom the movement for the enslavement of the Niger Delta informants for the DSS accused of denouncing his freedom, his identity and his life which is “THE UNITED STATES OF BIAFRA”. Mazi Nnamdi KANU has publicly campaigned for the restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra. He has solemnly agreed to die or get Biafra, otherwise, will never denounce Biafra, not even at the point of death.

Dr Nnamdi Kanu has been in the prison for almost a year, while the government could not provide an atom of evidence as regards to the allegations levelled against him. The Nigerian government has tried to break his high moral spirit, by offering him many assets and oil walls, but he refused and maintained his oath, which is to either die or get Biafra. I will only call the earlier statements of MEND tactics to popularise themselves, and enrich themselves through that process. They have been possessed by the spirit of divide and rule which has found a permanent place to live in Nigeria. They have come to finish what they started with Adaka Boro in 1966. The Nigerian government have determined to use them for the actualization of their divide and rule tactics. MEND are just better of to classify them with a hungry pregnant dog, who will not hesitate to make use of every possible opportunity to get herself satisfied.
MEND shall end the same way Isaac Boro Adaka end. The Hausa-Fulani and their Yoruba counterparts shall suck them dry, and cut them down at last. This is the plague that will befall every man that desireth to come against Dr Nnamdi KANU and IPOB. MEND are still suffering from mental epileptic disorder.
Yakubu Gowon granted Adaka Boro bail, because he became a willing tool that will be used against his people, therefore, gave him amnesty and drafted him into the Nigerian army. Boro was afterwards commissioned as a major in the Nigerian Army. With his army of 1000 Ijaw Soldiers alongside Benjamin Adekunle, who was heading the 3rd marine commando division of Nigerian army. With the help of his in-depth knowledge of the Niger Delta creeks, Boro and his men guided his Federal force and pushed the Biafrans back from the region. He did this because he believed that he was liberating the people of Niger Delta from their Igbo brothers just as Nigeria has told him.
On May 16th, 1968, Boro was ambushed and killed by troops from the same Federal government he handed his people and the huge resources in his region. Till date, the so-called Niger Delta region has remained improvised despite the enormous revenue it has it has continued to an ungrateful contraption called Nigeria. Today, another bunch of illiterates has so quickly forgotten all that. They have only received the crumbs from the King’s table, and they forgot their mischievous conditions.

All I have to tell them is to repent and know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu cannot denounce Biafra, neither will he disown his Niger Delta Avengers who has taken the mantle of restoring the past glory of their forefathers. Doing any of this is worst than committing suicide. MEND should be careful while they want to get themselves involved in issues about IPOB or Dr.Nnamdi Kanu. Failure to allow this to dawn on their empty skulls, they will receive it hotter than Rotimi Amaechi, Alhaji Mbaka, Rocha’s Okoroawusa Willie Obiano and the host of others. #IT IS EITHER BIAFRA OR WE ALL DIE. #FRREDOM FOR #BIAFRANS, #FREEDOM FOR #NNMDI KANU.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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