The Movement for the Enslavement of Niger Delta, informants for DSS (a.ka MEND), has finally opened up about their shady deals with Mohamadu Buhari, the present Islamic rule in Nigeria.Going by their recent publication in one of the zoo called Nigeria newspapers, MEND openly admitted that they are having monetary, material and unholy human visits in and out of Kuje prison where the leader of IPOB who was arrested illegally was kept, MEND admitted also that there was a pact reached after money has exchanged hands between them and Mohamadu Buhari to sellout Biafra claiming that it was an agreement concluded with them by Dr Nnamdi Kanu SECRETLY to give up Biafra independent.
Going by the above information which has proved to the world that several attempts were made to assassinate the incarcerated IPOB Leader right inside the prison, it has also shown that all the Biafran enemies within and without are plotting to kill except he denounces Biafran sovereign nation.
My question to MEND is this, why should Dr.Kanu make such a SECRET PACT if not because the Nigeria government is planning to assassinate him which is to his knowledge.

The statement can be obtained that way through torture, intimidation, harassment, starvation and isolation of the accused person while still in prison and it, not news.
Let me put it to you Mr Jomo gbomo that Dr Nnamdi Kanu is at liberty to call all IPOB's chain of command and inform them that he is stepping down as the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, it takes nothing away from him having done a good job by creating an awareness to all Biafrans about whom they really are.
Again Dr Kanu has fulfilled his divine mandate as long as Biafra restoration is concerned.
BIAFRA IS MORE THAN ONE MAN, therefore, MEND has exposed and indicted themselves as the worst criminal agent of Hitler Mohamadu Buhari.
Having a secret pact with a prisoner of conscience under DURESS is the worst crime against such an individual in peace time.

Let KANU agree whatever he is forced to accept in prison, under chain with a gun pointed at his forehead, arguing will be his end.
Remove the chain from his legs and his hands, fly him to London, give him One Month to refresh himself as a human being, let take his usual seat in Radio Biafra studio and then tell the world that there is nothing like Biafra that he was joking all these while.
Then, in the next 24hours we the indigenous people of Biafra will organise a well done/ farewell party for him.
I have sworn that I'll never come to London until Biafra independent is declared, but I will break the oath and fly to London only to have a handshake with this unequal Biafran citizen. The President of the ZOO CALLED NIGERIA is the biggest FOOL in history, MEND or whatever they call themselves have duped him, and he is not going to recover his money no matter how hard he will try.
MEND are Biafrans that will be purged of the Islamic doctrine which they have been fed with for so many years. MEND after repentance must go through reorientation so as to fill the empty gap created by Islam in their hearts.Buhari knows that since his satanic agent illegally arrested and detained Dr Nnamdi Kanu the world have gone to understand genuinely that it is time for Biafrans to govern themselves.

Every Month the Islamic jihadist in Aso Rock Abuja keep trying new lies to tell the world, he kept using thugs, area boys popularly known and called touts to see if this issue of Biafra could be wished away; Biafra is a nightmare to everything living in the zoo called Nigeria MEND have just confirmed that.
The indigenous people of Biafra is waiting for nothing short of SHARING OUR COLLECTIVE ASSETS, KNOWING THE BOUNDARIES DEMARCATING BIAFRALAND WITH THE ISLAMIC TERRORIST NORTH AND THE OCCULTIC YORUBAS IN SOUTHWEST OF THE ZOO CALLED NIGERIA.MEND should as a matter of urgency escape from God's judgement coming against Mohamadu Buhari and his Islamic terrorist agenda because it is either we have Biafra OR EVERYBODY INCLUDING NIGERIANS WILL PERISH IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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