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By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

Vanguard media, one of Nigeria’s many degenerate media outfits, has taken the top spot as chief vendor of fabricated stories. Few hours ago, it concocted another of its well-known media lies (tales by moonlight) to brainwash further, many of the zombies called Nigerian citizens.
At this point, one is forced to ask how much Vanguard leadership and editorial board was paid by Nigeria government that made it to degenerate so low as to carry fake news with deceptive contents on the issue of Biafra.
The media, worldwide is fashioned to be the watch-dog of society as well as holding arms of government – executive, legislature and judiciary – to account on their activities. They are expected to remain neutral at all times, and to maintain objectivity in its reportage. But the reverse has been the case with the media of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria, where media outlets have turned to be puppets and willing tools to deceive the general public.
While they do these things, the media outfits have shielded the atrocities of government against its own citizens. That is why Vanguard, a so-called South-south owned media outfit, has cheaply turned Buhari's mouthpiece to lie and make claims that are unfounded.
The latest of its lies is the claim by Movement for the Enslavement of the Niger Delta (MEND) that Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) agreed in a secret meeting to renounce Biafra for his freedom, only to turn around and deny in public. it went on to claim that there had become a need for donors and followers of Biafra to "become fully aware that the so - called "Biafra Republic is merely a business venture and scam whom sole beneficiaries are Kanu and cronies".
A right-thinking person should then ask: “who is the leader of MEND and its deputy?” indeed, since its inception, what legacy has MEND left if not kidnapping for ransom? Why must Vanguard use this God-forsaken MEND – a criminally organisation – against IPOB?
IPOB is known as a responsible organisation that is open; not a secret society. It does not respect things done in secret even as it is not possible that its leader, a hardcore Biafran that has staked his life to the struggle for the freedom of his country, would renounce Biafra. Why didn’t Vanguard ask MEND for evidence and make same available to its readers?
On the other hand, we know very well that Nigeria does nothing in the open. It is a secret cult, and a British experiment on how to steal a people’s resources while setting them up to fight against themselves. It is called divide-and-rule, which MEND has made itself a willing tool for.
The so-called MEND and its claims should be seen for what it is, a baseless report from the pit of hell. The so-called MEND, and its Spokesman Jomo Gbomo can never be tolerated. Biafra is not for sale and can never be sold to anybody. Besides, Biafra can never be like the Zoo (Nigeria), where the wife of the president will hide and tell citizens of her country that she travelled to the United States of America (USA). Nigeria is the only where people would drink adulterated milk and claim it is good. Imagine the Islamic Republic of Nigeria, an expired British product that should be thrown in the dust bin, is still seen as some idiots as a legal entity.

MEND, you have lost it, go and lick your wounds.
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