By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) and its ties and activities with Nigerian government, to deceive the public, has been exposed and rubbished by lawyers of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra.
In a press conference held today in Abuja, Nigerian capital, the lawyers told the world how that MEND could not be speaking for Kanu or the IPOB he leads. They also stated that Nigerian government have been trying to deceive the general public that it was trying Kanu for offences of treasonable felony, when in actual fact it was looking for grounds to continue to detain him illegally against court order.
Speaking of the charge of treasonable felony, the lawyers said: “The question now arises as whether a single individual can be charged solely with the offence of treasonable felony, taking into cognizance the ingredients of the offence of treason as enumerated on section 41 of Criminal Procedure Act” the asked rhetorically.
On the issue of MEND, the criminal organisation claiming to be fighting for the people of Niger Delta, the lawyers disowned them as having nothing to do with Kanu.
It is on record that MEND had been claiming to be negotiation with Nigerian government for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, as well as to stop Niger Delta Avengers from its avowed mission of destroying Nigerian oil industry. it once claimed to have reached an agreement with Nigeria government to release Kanu, if he would renounce Biafra.
Even though IPOB leadership from London has long disowned MEND and everything it was claiming to do on the behalf of its leader, the lawyers added their voices to it saying: “The general public is accordingly advised to ignore, discard, discountenance with the falsehood being peddled by MEND. Nnamdi Kanu does not know them.”
Continuing, the lawyers said that Nigerian government did not have to spend time, money and energy going to the creeks of Niger Delta to recruit discredited individuals to speak on behalf of the IPOB leader. “They know where they kept him, and they can easily access him” the lawyers said.
The finally told the Nigerian government that “Nnamdi Kanu has people of impeachable integrity and impeachable character that will negotiate on his behalf, when communication to that effect is established.”

They however stated that Kanu was not averse to political solution to the whole issue of Biafra, being aware that he was only a political prisoner, having committed no offence that would warrant his being kept in detention.
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  1. Hear, hear ! I Hope Aso Rock and its inhabitants gets this message loud and clear. There is no going back. Negotiate for a peaceful dissolution of this marriage that is not working, never worked and would never work going forward. It is a union based on lies and falsehood. A marriage that ought not have taken place from the beginning. Any one preaching "ONE NIGERIA" is in denial. The sooner a peaceful divorce to the better for all. For those say that "BIAFRA IS LANDLOCKED", my humble message to all of you is let Biafra go. That will no longer be your business as that would not be worse than of Biafrans unfulfilled dreams and aspiration under the present arrangement. The more you all run for cover and shiver when ever you hear the word "Biafra", the more we preach its gospel of truth and the prophecy of my courageous leader Nnamdi Kanu, and it high time Aso rock and its remote controlled judiciary see some sense and release this innocent man. The charges against him does stack up in a proper legally constitutional jurisdiction. You have been shopping for a credible evidence in order to convict Kanu for nearly a year that you have locked him up and still have not found one so why don't you set him free and save your selves from further embarrassments.