BIAFRA Great Nations like Israel, United States, India and Japan couldn't have emerged if they had bred criminals and sellouts like M.E.N.D. I remembered the encounter between a little Young man named David whose duty was food vendor between home and battlefield where his seniors trained in the act of war was terrified on sighting a giant challenger from the opposing nation. Every day he visits war zone he sees his brothers seriously engage the enemies in combats, but that day was uneventful, the soldiers on both sides were calm only one empty drum called Goliath was bragging, boasting and parading himself showing his built as a macho man with his bows and arrows on display. No man dare near him, or he will regret ever joining the army. David may have heard a story that Israel lost many battles but never have loss war, hence he went to enquire about the lone man who has stolen the show on both sides, but on hearing the challenge thrown to Israel went and told his brother that he was going to fight the giant, he was scolded and reprimanded, his brother said I know your pride always to come here and watch how the battle is being fought, go home. A kindred advice from senior to junior as tradition required.
If David had gone home, the image of the giant enemy he saw would continue torturing him until he dies, he decided face, fight and defeated the giant obstacle between Israel and the promise land. He did fight the giant and won, till today, Palestinians remain a sorry sight where the army of Zion is because no feeble man or woman has ever since then came out of Israel all are mighty men of valour. Full blooded Biafrans has begun asking questions about the geology and pathology of Charles Okah visa vis his follow gangs. Where were M.E.N.D when the giant contraption zoo called Nigeria was tormenting Ijaws, Itsekiris, Ogonis Deltans, Igbos, Ogojas, Effiks, Idomas, Igalas, Akwa Ibomites and Urohbohs, etc. These are clans that made up Biafra as it is today. Every warrior namely Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, ND Avengers all freedom fighters in riverine and upland of Biafraland has come together to give indigenous people of Biafra IPOB ably led by Dr. Nnamdi Kanu with the best world packaged chain of command the largest known violence men and women assembled everywhere live can be found on the face of the earth asking for their inalienable right to self-determination and freedom for over 100 million people scattered all over the world through persecution, arrest and incarceration, deprivation and murder.
We agreed to a union that Dr Kanu defeat Nigeria. We are given him every support needed to do so. M.E.N.D if at all THEY are Biafrans have taken their portion from the enemy state the zoo called Nigeria, as Nigeria is dying fast, so those who support it directly or indirectly is going down with it. Every warrior in Biafraland namely Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, ND Avengers has unanimously agreed to support this great naturally born Biafran soldier Dr Nnamdi Kanu who travelled all over the world and assembled the best chain of command propelling this movement anywhere life is found on planet earth.
We the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB from all the clans that made up Biafra Ijaw, Itsekiri, Igweocha, Igala, Akwa Ibom, Efik, Idoma, Delta, Igbo, Ogoni, Ogoja and Igbanke have joined hands together and swear that curse be upon any man or woman from all the above clans who will sell, take bribed, betray or became a stumbling block to our freedom fighters in the riverine and upland area of Biafraland. Since M.E.N.D have lost it by dining and wining with a dying zoo called Nigeria, we have also decided to banish them.
Woe betides whoever will make any Biafran to suffer in the bloody hands of the Islamic zoo government of Mohamadu Buhari. Selling motherland for peanuts has nothing to do with politics because every party begins from the grassroots, M.E.N.D in other hand have sold theirs to the enemy state. As the zoo government dies slowly and painfully so shall, the movement for the enslavement of Niger Delta M.E.N D eat today and die tomorrow. IPOB has the clout, people, money and education plus any other thing needed to seed the Biafran restoration project succeeds. Release Dr.Kanu and the rest of detainees, Because the injustice against Biafra, is unimaginable.
Can M.E.N.D retrieve their steps and renounce and denounce Mohamadu Buhari and embrace IPOB? No because their geology and pathology are suspect, they do not reason like us neither do they have same trait and dispositions like other Biafran. Let the world prevail on the Islamic state in Nigeria to free those they detained along with the director of Radio Biafra Nnamdi Kanu. The ZOO called Nigeria and enemies within Biafraland will never see the light in life anymore until they jointly do the need full.

All hail Biafra.

By Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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