Nigerian Army
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

It is only in a hopeless country like Nigeria that some ill-conceived actions would be done by their government, and people are too gullible and senseless to speak up against it. It is only in a country like Nigeria that an illiterate president will go around the world looking for arms to fight a war when its economy has crumbled. It is only in Nigeria that its president would open many theatres of war, and the people – even the supposedly very educated – would fold their hands and expect divine intervention for their raped economy.
Recently, it was reported that Nigerian government entered an agreement with the United States of America (USA) to sell drones and all manners of arms and ammunitions to fight Niger Delta Avengers (NDA). The last report was that the government was already expecting supply of the drones and other armaments before it commences its planned storming of the Niger Delta.
Few months earlier, before the foregoing agreements, it was equally reported that Nigerian government under the Barack Obama stooge, illiterate Muhammadu Buhari, had an agreement with Germany to supply arms, military tanks, weapons of diverse magnitudes and military logistics to Nigeria. Again the intention was to battle Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), the freedom fighters in Biafraland.
Buhari, was reported to have imported a certain USA owned terrorist group known as Blackwater Mercenaries at the sum of $258 million from Saudi Arabia; and the reason was to fight the NDA for Buhari.
Interesting, this NDA that Buhari kept telling the world he wants to fight are honest individuals who have for years seen their God-given petroleum resources stolen by Buhari and his clan of oil thieves – the Fulani.  These people have seen the suffering of their people under Fulani leaders and their stooges drawn from other parts of Nigeria, and have said enough is enough. The have considered that since the oil in their land has become a curse, it is better that its exploration and exploitation is stopped, so that their people can go back to their original peaceful means of livelihood, which is fishing and farming.
They men in NDA have not killed anyone. They are only content destroying the source of their hardship – oil installations. They are saying that they preferred their old-time way of life – of fishing and farming – rather than oil exploration that have destroyed their land and waters. They are equally saying that Nigeria have, for more than 50 years, proven dubious unable to run their lives and protect them. Therefore they want independence to be able to run their lives and protect themselves better.
The latest of Buhari’s madness is massing up troops in the Niger Delta which he called “Operation crocodile tears”. But the shame of all these is that Nigerians, even the educated – lawyers, doctors, social scientists et a – are watching Buhari and his fellow oil thieves do all these. Yet they say or do nothing. What a pathetic lot!

One thing is certain, the tears this time will be that of the Fulani, their Hausa stooges, and other stooges in the expired contraptions called Nigeria.
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