I have taken my time to convince pro- one Nigeria journalists that only referendum would solve the Biafra problem and that we must push for referendum to avoid 2nd civil war; that is the moral responsibility we owe the people, we have to save African children by making sure we follow the path others in same situation followed to have established peace in their countries. They have slightly admitted this fact even though we did not engage in a direct debate, they have soft pedaled their attack on Kanu and Biafrans and they are starting to see common sense in Biafra agitation. A friend had called me and said “Do you know that those of them agitating for Restructure have vindicated Nnamdi Kanu. They are not even ashamed, they fought Kanu at the initial stage but here they are writing and demanding for restructure” I have also made it clear that Restructure will not stop Biafra restoration because Buhari has made Biafra restoration a golden project.

Before now, I have maintained that Biafra has won and can win any argument but due to Nigeria is averse to dialogue or superior reason for resolution of matters, Buhari has continued to use soldiers and killing peaceful agitators because they share a different view. Buhari has lost sense of leadership; he puts the power and immunity he enjoys before the well being or peace of over 180 million people and he is ready to fight, displace them and kill as many as he can for the sake of his taste for power. On the other hand, the people he would kill and killing are ready to defend themselves and risk everything for what they believe; this is a classical dilemma between humanity and power.

AU and ECOWAS have done poorly to lifting Africa; these groups are still controlled by leaders who share same ideology towards politics and leadership. The inability of ECOWAS to be effective and vibrant in protecting the children of Africa and fighting the artificial boundaries created by the colonial masters is still disturbing. These artificial boundaries that pose threat to development, safety and peace in Africa are unable to be addressed and one begins to ask; what these groups are really doing? AU has failed to monitor or control the rate of matter resolution with gun than dialogue. The children of Africa are dying while the politicians are living in high places. Hence they can command soldiers, they take full control and view the army as their property, gun is everything that matters to them and if they don’t like consumption of yam and you consume it, they come after you with gun and that is the end.

Africa has failed to emancipate itself from mental slavery and be civilized, this poses a threat to the children of Africa and it becomes the collective duty of the world to save Africa because humanity is involved. Computer has made things very easy for the world to be civilized and learn from each other the better character. This has not taken any effect on black African leaders because they get blind once power is taken. This is a big issue and a waiting disaster to children that know nothing and was brought to the world. This evil shall not be more on the likes of Buhari that prefer drowning 180 million people to losing any part of his presidential power, it shall be more on the people that can wade in and correct or stop the disaster but kept mute. The indecision of relevant world authorities that can compel Buhari to take the path of peace is what I termed black discrimination.

The brain of a black African man must be assisted to save humanity from religious or ethnic onslaught; this is happening right now in Nigeria and Biafra is once again the target of genocide. The colonization that took place years ago was not aimed at teaching black Africans civilization rather most colonial masters took it as advantage to multiply their fortune. This is feasible in Nigeria where Britain used Nigeria as economic hub instead of teaching Nigeria the civilization she represents. This move has only cost millions of lives and yet Britain has not been touched or moved to dissolve the contraption she created for economic fortune. In 1967 instead of bringing to an end a creation that is naturally opposing, they chose to kill a people that wanted out of
the contraption which led to the starvation of over 1.5 million children and death of over 5 million black people of Biafra.

Today there is a sustained and bloody call for referendum on Biafra but instead of compel for referendum, there have only been threat or likelihood of military assistance from the White to wipe out the black people of Biafra for legitimately asking for self determination which is a sacred right. The same Britain who assured Nigeria that she would respect her territorial integrity over the sacred right of the black people of Biafra has respected the right to self determination of the White people of Scotland over the territorial integrity of United Kingdom. They have conducted two standard referendums to resolve issue in Britain and opposed one about to cause 2nd civil war in Biafra. As much as many people will define this as hypocrisy, I see it as the racial discrimination of the black people. If Britain as the creator of Nigeria cannot urge Nigeria to respect the lives of the black people of Biafra, then to the White, black lives don’t matter.

The news of Catalonia independence scarcely came yesterday to me, I was disappointed at the inability of UN and EU to address a simple issue as Biafra. The news had it that every effort to speak to the Catalonian people only came back with echo and for that reason; Catalonia will have her referendum. Here in Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested and imprisoned; peaceful protesters have been openly massacred. There have been continued arrest and forceful disappearance, blood is flowing like a river and yet everybody looks less concerned because it is the black people of Biafra. These actions in Biafra contravenes international treaties, human right and human lives are protected without boundaries yet UN and EU that are authorities in charge of this but they have kept mute. World leaders and international communities have feigned ignorance because black lives don’t matter; when shall this black discrimination stop?

In Catalonia, nobody has been shot, no blood spilled and neither was there arrest but referendum is underway. The UN and EU might say that is Africa for you, their leaders are doing that to their subjects, yet that defines the black discrimination in question. The silence of the UN and EU is the discrimination in question. The failure of EU and UN to sanction or back a referendum in Biafra is the discrimination against the black. This discrimination might not concern anybody but when the 2nd Biafra war will fully take effect as it has started with pro-Biafra militants; the amount of refugees that will flood Europe and subsequent anger directed at the insensitivity of the authorities which often breed terrorism will be a wake-up call for what is right.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke

Published by Chinwe Korie
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