Campaign to Nnamdi Kanu
Were there UNITED NATIONS then? And is there no UNITED NATIONS now? Who is more beneficial to the world, the terrorist Islamic jihadist nation that started killing Biafrans since 1966-2016 or the Biafrans who have built more than 3 cities in other peoples' countries?

The world has made me to believe the President of the Philippines, Mr. Rodrigo Bertete who recently threatened that his country may pull out of the UNITED NATIONS with India, China, Russia and other existing nations across the globe for failure of United Nations to live to its obligations.

No wonder the United States and few nations flaunt UN charter at will. The role being played by the U.S concerning the restoration of a sovereign state of Biafra is not encouraging. Apart from Obama, there are many other Americans who call the shot in world politics, who ought to stand up in defense of the continuous inhuman killing of Innocent Biafrans.

Biafra has paid her dues to become an independent nation. As it is now, Biafrans have decided to take their destiny in their hands since the world have gone deaf, blind and dumb as regards to the Biafran plight.

Free people from free nations should rise in condemnation of these atrocities being committed against innocent Biafrans on daily bases by the Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari in Nigeria.

Leaders of conscience around the world should compel President Buhari to release the leader of the indigineous people of Biafra he illegally kidnapped with the rest of other Biafrans languishing in
Mohamadu Buhari' s detention camps and prisons across Nigeria, and add their voices to the restoration quest of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Authored by Benjamin Kish
Edited & published by Chinwe Korie
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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