I'm looking for my child, where is my husband, my sister went to the market she is yet to return. I went to St. Bridget secondary school, I couldn't believe my eyes, how can everybody lay on the ground with no movement, I saw a house caught fire, all the occupants where inside until the house burnt to ashes.

Children cannot move an inch because they are suffering from malnutrition, many died while still being strapped at their mothers' back without their mother knowing that the child at her back is already dead.

At gun point, a 12 year old boy returning from college was escorted home and then short in the present of his grandmother as the shooter shouted in Arabic, Allah hakubar.

Close to 700,000 people left their village trying to escape from the Nigeria army who took pride in killing villagers, they got to a stream and decided to rest, drink some water then continue the journey to no where, suddenly, a battalion of Nigeria soldiers emerged and surrounded them, the villagers was stripped, every valuable things with them was taken away by the soldiers who instructed them to pass a night beside the water till the next day.

By exactly 2:30am, many of them was deep into sleep when gun short sounded from the youngest child to the oldest person, were murdered. Few of them that survived by an atom of luck could not believe that they escaped, it was a horror seen the following morning. There was no way they could run because the soldiers pretended to be helping them arrange themselves because of the mammoth crowd, not knowing that it was a ploy by the soldiers to kill as many as possible by arranging them in groups that night.

At a place called Orie Agu, where community secondary school was sited, the Nigerian army surrounded the school locked every student with their teacher inside, they called out two teachers one of them a young lady of 27 years of age her English name is Gladys while her Igbo Biafra name was Ugo Eke. The male teacher watched the soldiers as they took turn in raping the Lady, few hours later their was bomb explosion in the school killing all inside the school.

Reminiscent to what happened in Aba on the 9th February, 2016, a young boy by name Uzodinma enlisted in Biafra army as a boys company narrated this, he was 14 years of age then, he went to catholic church on that faithful Sunday, there was few attendants about 3 Reverend fathers and six sisters plus himself and one sergeant Okoli. Just 20 minutes into the mass, as everybody knelt down to pray not knowing that the room that was always left for the father and his guests, Nigeria soldiers met the Reverend father in charge of the parish very early in the morning, who always come ahead of everybody because of the proximity of his quarter to the Church. The soldiers stayed in the large room but told the father not to shout nor make noise that he should go ahead and conduct the service that when he is through, he should come and tell them if Biafran soldiers are around the village.

As prayer was still going on he snicked out as he use to do before, but coming closer to the Priest's room one of the Nigerian army coughed, as a trained boy soldiers he said to himself, nobody will be in that room while the mass was going on except the enemy, he quietly peeped through a small opening and saw soldiers inside, no way he could have gone back to the church without the father spotting him, he quickly crawled to a nearby bush and waited to see when anyone comes out so as to signal them about what he saw, not up to 30 minutes he saw the soldiers came out and open fire on the people inside dragged the Reverend outside, left him standing while they boarded their "Cumbi" bus and sped off.

There were calm everywhere,

The Reverend father got inside and raised his voice everybody including the six sisters was assassinated in cold blood. He came out, touched one, two dead bodies and ran to inform the Biafran soldiers who are suppose to come into the village after the morning/afternoon mass. It was the Reverend who then told our soldiers how the Nigerian army met him and the instruction they gave.

45 years after, the killing of innocent Biafrans had continued, but if l may ask, how come the world with their early information network did not know the atrocities being committed in Biafraland until 6 million women and children were murdered?

From 2015-16 close to 4 thousand unarmed protesters of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB were massacred without the world reacting in condemnation of the heinous crime being committed by the Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari.

Were there UNITED NATIONS then? And is there no UNITED NATIONS now? Who is more beneficial to the world, the terrorist Islamic jihadist nation that started killing Biafrans since 1966-2016 or the Biafrans who have built more than 3 cities in other peoples' countries?

The world has made me to believe the President of the Philippines, Mr. Rodrigo Bertete who recently threatened that his country may pull out of the UNITED NATIONS with India, China, Russia and other existing nations across the globe for failure of United Nations to live to its obligations.

No wonder the United States and few nations flaunt UN charter at will. The role being played by the U.S concerning the restoration of a sovereign state of Biafra is not encouraging. Apart from Obama, there are many other Americans who call the shot in world politics, who ought to stand up in defense of the continuous inhuman killing of Innocent Biafrans. Biafra has paid her dues to become an independent nation. As it is now, Biafrans have decided to take their destiny in their hands since the world have gone deaf, blind and dumb as regards to the Biafran plight.

Free people from free nations should rise in condemnation of these atrocities being committed against innocent Biafrans on daily bases by the Islamic government of Mohamadu Buhari in Nigeria. Leaders of conscience around the world should compel President Buhari to release the leader of the indigineous people of Biafra he illegally kidnapped with the rest of other Biafrans languishing in

Mohamadu Buhari' s detention camps and prisons across Nigeria, and add their voices to the restoration quest of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Authored by Benjamin Kish
Edited & published by Chinwe Korie
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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