The height of hypocrisy being practised by United Nations recently, since Mohammed Buhari of Nigeria took over office as president has posed questions amongst objective thinkers. The impression so far depicts the high level of wickedness and betrayal towards the native people of Biafrans over their quest for restoration of Biafra and Pogroms committed by Mohammed Buhari against Biafrans on a daily basis. United Nations has been so prompt and active in the pursuit of Brexit but damn dead on Biafrexit. According to some preserved records and documents of Amnesty International, the majority of the articles speculated and paid more attention to Human Rights, and those provisions have widely been interpreted in a similar question of cases that relates to that of Biafra and their persecutions. Why has United Nations appeared so adamant that they do not want to make any prompt effort to save Biafrans from a murderous entity called Nigeria? Why has United Nations decided to be using Africans as their footrest even when a majority of victims of Biafrans keep screaming before their bright eyes and ear? United Nations' silence over the atrocities being carried out by Nigeria on the people of Biafra has turned outrageous, and we can not keep repeating such, exercising unending patience hoping for their divine interventions to rescue Biafrans from a tyrant and genocidal Buhari.
Issues of self-determination will not be over re-emphasised. We have read so many articles that concern self-determination as kids, adults and scholars both in schools, Churches, Orientation grounds and through other avenues. As being adopted by Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every member countries share the same records that explicitly explains the rights of Human and automatically employ every member state to adopt same principles to observe human comforts. Biafrans are today asking United Nations simple question if they are exclusively excluded from enjoying the provisions of Human Rights principles as provided in their various articles which other countries freely enjoy? Self-determination denotes the legal right of people to decide their destiny in the international order. Self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law, but also recognised as a general principle of law, and enshrined in a number of international treaties. For instance, self-determination is protected in the United Nations Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a right of “all peoples.”The scope and purpose of the principle of self-determination evolved significantly in the 20th century. In the early 1900’s, international support grew for the right of all people to self-determination. This led to successful secessionist movements during and after WWI, WWII and laid the groundwork for decolonization in the 1960s.
The Brexit saga has been put to rest since a referendum was conducted which shown Britain exit root from the European Union. The European Union is a geopolitical entity covering a significant portion of the European continent. It is founded upon numerous treaties and has undergone expansions that have taken it from 6 member states to 28, a majority of the states in Europe. The Maastricht Treaty created the European Union (EU) on November 1st, 1993. It is a political and economic union between European countries which makes its policies concerning the members’ economies, societies, laws and to some extent security. Why is United Nations behaving as if we Biafrans are not Humans? Nigeria is a member of United Nations which means she must obey every laid down Human Rights principles to guide government excesses. Buhari has killed Biafrans, tortured Biafrans, marginalised Biafrans, oppressed Biafrans and deny Biafrans their local opportunities. If Biafrans are entitled to enjoy those provided Human Rights principles, why not help Biafrans to go their separate way from Nigeria? And if you so choose to keep silent over the killing and murdering of Biafrans, we will not hesitate to defend ourselves within our reach and power. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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