By Ifeanyi Chijioke

    After an extensive chat with the Niger Delta Avengers, Ifeanyi Chijioke can reliably confirm that destruction of pipeline across the Niger part of Biafra can be stopped within a twinkle of an eye, the only problem, as I mentioned previously in my column, is insincerity. The bombing will continue unabated as long as Nnamdi Kanu is still in detention. I can authoritatively report that the hostility will only get worst unless we embrace the fact that pipelines are being bombed by freedom fighters asking for the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu. They have crossed the line by showing you Biafra flag in a released video, demanding Kanu’s unconditional release and speaking on Radio Biafra. The major demand for an end to pipeline destruction is the release of Nnamdi Kanu.

    In my last column on Biafra Herald, I shared a report from a high-ranking government official who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity. I vowed never to give ‘the sex’ let alone the name and the official confided in me for a simple reason, which is let there be peace even in our differences. There should be peace even though Nnamdi Kanu shares a different view from our own opinion. There should be peace even though Nnamdi Kanu and the rest of Biafra people are agitating for a sovereign state. The agitation by the indigenous people of Biafra is not worth the attention it is gaining today had Nnamdi Kanu been released before now. Hence an agitation is peaceful and involves carrying of placards, there is nothing to worry about, and instead it is this kind of agitation by Niger Delta Avengers that deserves attention. In other words, Buhari should do more by arresting the militants than arresting the Indigenous people of Biafra that are peaceful and have not contravened any known law.

    It took me decades to have a Nigerian creature that reasons like that, even her learned journalist that grew up in Nigeria ends up saying “beware Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra is a fraud” when I read such, I laugh at the tiny brain of Nigerians. If the quest for freedom that has taken everything from the fighters can be fraud, what is Nnamdi Kanu doing in prison and why are we dying and ready to die again? The problem with them is their inability to apprehend the valuation of life, and I read few of them boasting that protesters either go back home or suffer death in the hands of Buhari and nothing will happen. I read another one saying we should allow Nnamdi Kanu to die and then go back home and think, use Kanu’s death as a springboard like Yorubas did with Abiola. The hapless Politician-journalist forgot that Nnamdi Kanu did everything for our sake, unlike men that aspired for political office to enrich their pockets.
    The continued bombing across that part of Biafra is because of Buhari’s hatred for the people of Biafra; he is hell bent on killing Nnamdi Kanu and would rather choose his wish over releasing him to douse tension. The reason which is as a result of his military experience; believing that civilians are powerless and as such; can do anything, and nothing will happen. He has failed to accept the fact that we have moved on from 1983 when guns and bombs are far away from the people. Civilians can stand an army when there is sympathy for them, what happened in Libya should be able to teach him a lesson.

    The freedom fighters across the Niger part of Biafra have vowed to continue until Buhari meet the demand of releasing Nnamdi Kanu “If the pipelines finish, we shall start with everything built with our oil money” one of the freedom fighters said. While the government is playing down the demand for Kanu’s release with the hope that amnesty will work out for the freedom fighters; they have instead failed woefully and disgraced themselves. Each time amnesty is announced, Avengers denies any knowledge of amnesty. “They have been forcing amnesty on us, begging us to take the money while they neglect our demand. They have refused to accept the fact that we are not like other militants and ones before now. We are freedom fighters and releasing Nnamdi Kanu is our priority, we can go in peace, or we go in pieces, we are ready” they said.

    Reacting to the position of the militants, and elder statesman from Ijaw, who spoke on condition of anonymity added his voice. “The government has met us on the amnesty, for a total peace and we have approached the boys, they want a different thing, and these boys are not only Ijaw. Some are from Enugu, Anambra, etc. If Kanu’s release is the price for peace, let Buhari release him so we can carry on” he said.
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