By Ifeanyi Chijioke

I am not good at mingling with today, I see tomorrow as a greater friend, this is why I often set the pace in this field and in the end tomorrow makes a better friend than today. I often take my time to think beyond today, think beyond Biafra as a solution to my inabilities. I have lately seen some pro-Nigeria journalist asking questions, how Biafra will be if she is restored, where do we start from? They are people without a decent record of what being a Biafran is.

I had asked them what Lagos was until Biafrans flooded that part of Nigeria and made it what it is today. There are many questions to ask them but let me keep it for my next essay. I will answer their questions and lecture them some key aspects of being a Biafran and why Biafra will stand shoulder to shoulder with other developed countries. I will be able to convince them beyond reasonable doubt that Biafra is more about black emancipation.

I have not travelled oversea where they experience racism, and I don’t know what racism is all about and I don’t care. If a foreign friend calls me a black monkey, I will take my time to call him a white monkey. We are same just that they see black people as monkeys because of the likes of them in Nigeria who would prefer to carry guns than conduct referendum and tell you no country would allow its part to go in this computer age. Moreover, when you ask them what of Britain that recently held a referendum on EU, they will tell you is a different thing.

When you push further and ask them what of the referendum on Scotland independence? They will tell you Scotland don’t contribute 95% economy to British. The worst being that Britain is the one telling them not to conduct a referendum and they say “Oh thank you, we will shoot them if they ask for it” they have never asked Britain but why didn’t you shoot Scotland people down? This is where you look at the whole thing and start to accept the fact that you are a monkey.

I will fault black people in white men country; I don’t want to be sympathetic to the incompetence of a black man. Just imagine for the first time in history, America gave a black man chance to rule them and regrettably, I could hear from some quarters that no black man will rule us again. From one accusation to another, one lie to another, being a Christian to being a Muslim. Too many faults and when you watch closely, you see that a white did the job to give the dog a bad name. Why are they not calling the name of Clinton that even privatised her Email, running Obama’s regime the way she wants. This is the incompetence I am talking about, and we black people must stop protesting in a white man’s land and come back to our land to show we are equal.

I got the news of the shooting in Dallas; I must, first of all, declare my regret at the loss of lives, but that won’t stop my blunt approach. These white men have this sense of pride in them, they feel they own the land and have right more than a black man over there. I have been to Lagos once in my life; I had gone to buy a tokumbo car at Berger. I was told to be very careful of ‘Agboro’ people, I studied further and realised that the- said ‘Agboro’ are Yoruba boys that intimidate people because they own the land. It is a natural phenomenon that when you come to my land, there is this involuntary action that makes me want to show I have right here more than you. This is the situation in a white man’s land, and we must understand that simple fact. What I did in Lagos was, I bought my car, paid 10 thousand Naira due for matching ground and left for Biafra land that same day. When I entered Igbanke, I started spiting anyhow, but from Lagos to Benin, I comport myself.
Let me not digress much because I have illustratively explained what is behind what happened in Dallas. The mistake of the black people in the US was to take up arm against the ‘White Agboro’ force men that always target blacks. White people don’t play with the edge they have over black men, 2pac tried to show a black can conquer, and they assassinated him and framed B.I.G to making it two great blacks. That is their way, and nothing can stop it, we need to look beyond confronting them with arms and Biafra is the only solution. The father of internet is a Biafran, and I don’t think Emeagwari has ever experienced racism; it cannot happen because he showed he is a human with his invention. If we can make Africa great by giving Biafra the chance to excel, we would come back home, use our inventions and snub their relationship till they confess we are greater. A Nigerian would laugh at the prospect of black emancipation, she is hopeless and feels lifting Biafra oil, and subjugating Biafra is the only possible future she can see.

Let me back this claim and I will do it for all blacks to know that Biafra is the solution to racism and negligence of black lives. They will continue to show that our lives don’t matter because we only eat, enjoy their inventions and we are parasites; no wonder they test viruses only in Africa. They just tested Ebola and hopeless black doctors listed grass cutter, my best meat as the cause of Ebola and when Ebola was conquered, grass cutter stopped carrying the virus. We have to wake up and embrace the reality. Black lives will not matter as long as we can’t produce our guns, missile and anti-missile. Our lives will never matter as long as we depend on them to use phone and network. Our lives will never matter as long as they are our only hope of living as a human. We have to start fending for ourselves, doing things ourselves before our lives will matter.

Let me take us back to 1967 when Britain, Russia and Egypt could not win a war against a black nation. In 1967, Britain instigated blacks to exterminate their fellow and gave Nigeria everything she needed to execute the ethnic cleansing. To the greatest surprise of the world, black men defended themselves, produced bomb and guns, and scientists came together and without any resources shocked the world. The infamous Ogbunigwe could make it to the world stage if not for the sake of subjugation. Those Biafra scientists that came together could shock the world with the invention if not for the sake of slavery through Britain. We need to wake up and embrace the reality, or we continue to groan and moan that we were killed in a white man’s country. If only I had Emeagwari’s number, I would have called him to come down to Dallas and those happy trigger white men would stand erect, which is the only prospect we need to be a free people.

Biafra is the black emancipation project, and we all must join in this project then keep crying every day. Scientists more efficient than Emeagwari are in Biafra, men that can change the world are here. We might not see them because Britain would rather oppose our emancipation than lose her economic hub. It is high time we gave African continent the natural freedom to explore and use her potentials. The artificial boundaries that have limited the growth of Africa must be broken for the purpose of black emancipation. Nigeria is the mother of the barrier because she is the biggest fish in the pond of modern black slavery. The shooting and killing will continue until we prove that we are human beings.
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