Before 16th June 2016, which marked a day after my birthday, the world "BIAFRA" was a stranger to me because I had no knowledge of it, thou while I was still a kid, we do play with such word, not knowing what brought about it. I often do hear my elders saying things about Biafra, even though I don't pay attention talkless of understanding all about the issue. This was how blind I was the past President of Nigeria became the President of Nigeria after the death of his predecessor Umar Yaradua.
At such incident, I began to hear people around me stating that it was the work of God Almighty because the time to divide Nigeria has come. I also heard them saying that Nigeria will be divided in 2015. Therefore I followed suit to proclaim it even though I don't have the knowledge of how Nigeria will be divided. I continued this way until Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama arrested me on the 16th day of June 2016. After my birthday celebration, I visited my brother residing at Aba, and then I heard them discussing issues which related to Biafra.
Though the knowledge wasn't still there, I could feel something in me, whispering to me to pay substantial attention to all they were saying. They tuned a radio station, called Radio Biafra and at most times, burst into laughter. I felt the eagerness and urge to know more about this, so I went to a quite place, and tuned to that station lo and behold, my Messiah's voice resounded over and over again. I took interest and followed up till the end of the program, and believe me, the spirit possessed me, my mind, body and soul. I became a genius, and I started researching more about this beautiful nation "Biafra".
From that straight day, The Spirit Of Biafra took over me, and I could find myself doing things that I never dreamt of doing. From that day henceforth, I dream about Biafra, sing about Biafra, eat about Biafra and always praying for Biafra restoration. I pray for the downfall of the contraption some hookworms called Nigeria. Over and over again did my Director, the leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, prophesied the collapse of the country's economy.

Today, the economic stake of Nigeria has not only proven him right but has made him a great prophet of our time. The rate of suffering, poverty, sickness and famine in the contraption has left many intruders in shock because they never expected it. The simple analysis of all these signs is that The Prayers Of Biafrans is yielding out positive result in Nigeria. The blood of the Innocent children, women and men killed in cold blood is requesting for vengeance, and they must achieve it. By the end of it all, Nigeria shall break, and out of her dust shall the true indigenous people arise, while she will be gone forever till world eternity.
The thought of many especially Nigerians is that the weak economy will affect us. Of course, it is affecting us, but we don't mind because we are responsible for it. We Biafrans are already prepared for these days because we know that it will result to this. It can only affect us negatively because we are not leaving any stone untouched when it comes to the quest for freedom. Even the Holy Bible says that the kingdom of God sufferers violence to be taken forcefully by violent.
Biafra, which is that God's kingdom on earth, has been suffering violence, and it is only violent that will take it. Without relent shall we march forward. We shall strive harder until our hero is released untouched, and the kingdom of CHIUKWU-OKIKE-ABIAMA is finally restored.This is the only remedy at which Nigeria will be destroyed. Failure to adhere to our quest, the world will not forget the Consequences it will bring upon them in a hurry. Nigeria must release our hero mazi Nnamdi Kanu at the same time, free the people of Biafra.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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