Is fact that one can not give what he do not have. Before now (mainly during Dark Age) people believed so well that Age can draw a thick line between the old and young, so also strength has to separate hero and feeble. Since the emergence of the twenty-first century is the only knowledge that separates human of same/different height, age, richness and colour. The employed tactics the present administration of Buhari towards sensitive issues shows that he Lacks the knowledge to tackle any form of challenge both internal, national, external and international.
Biafrans are not noise makers. Detaining Nnamdi Kanu for you to kill Biafrans ambition for Biafra restoration is a mere jamboree. Is entirely outdated tactics an old man can initiate. Instead of calming the fight through detention Avenue, you end up worsening the struggle momentum. Since the illegal detention of Kanu, Dazuki and others, is of note Nigeria is approaching war prime. Weigh what you are losing to what you are gaining, you will realise that Kanu has systematically outshined you. From using Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram to an employment of Saudi Blackwater mercenaries. All your brain could ever be suggesting to you is violence: kill, slaughter, murder, butcher, etc. and you forget that your ego can not stop groups from springing to fight you.

Take your time, look back and see what you have cause to Nigeria: inflation hits 16.5 since 2005, Nigerians barely eat as required, more fighting groups laugh everyday, oil companies shutting down, Investors running, your popularity rate decreasing, you are committing more crimes, your families endangered, making more secret enemies, spending Nigeria money on irrelevant things, turning Nigeria into war zone, etc. When you front, the only answer to all these is FREEDOM. If you can not allow Biafra to go and keep on detaining Nnamdi Kanu, there will be no peace in Nigeria.
Before Buhari took over the seat of power, Radio Biafra has been live on air since 2009. Using Nnamdi Kanu to wage the restoration of Biafra is a big mistake from old Brains. Kanu is learned, IPOB members are learned. We do not believe in physical war but intellectual war. Intellectually, Kanu has siege you if you do not let Biafra go. Looking at your antecedents of resolving sensitive public issues, it has been violent all the way.
Before 2011 election, Buhari noticed the level of failure he was to entertain, the least he could do was to threaten the then government of Ex-president Jonathan that "he (Buhari) will make Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan wins." As confusing as it appeared to trace what may have provoked Buhari to make such threat, that was the only way his emotion could carry him to resolve the public related issue he perceived, just because he is violent. Buhari initiated Boko Haram to achieve his political motives, today; the group has enjoyed much past since the there leader is control of Nigeria.

In 2012, Buhari repeated same violent approach to solving the public issue by threatening the same Jonathan's government. He said, "if 2015 election is rigged, Dogs, Baboons and monkeys will be soaked with blood." This same period of threat, Herdsmen was at the age of breeding. They were armed with guns. It continued till 2015 with the team of Boko Haram; they pressured Jonathan out of Aso Rock. Since Buhari became President, both Boko Haram and Herdsmen suspects and convicts were released from prison.
2016, Buhari has engaged Saudi Arabia Blackwater mercenaries to resolve the issue that deserves bending ego. just to release Nnamdi Kanu and free Biafra.
The high emphasis shows the height of hypocrisy and poor tactics Buhari want to use against his enemies. Biafrans are resolute. We are intelligent enough to fight with arms. We are not a terrorist organisation. We are Biafrans. Free Nnamdi Kanu and set Nigeria free from troubles. Detention is not the best option but lazy man tactics. Ask Mandela.

By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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