The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) mazi iNnamdi Kanu has dreams and the vision for IPOB and all Biafrans as a whole, his vision was to create the kingdom of GOD (Biafra) here on earth where we will worship GOD in truth and every honest, were GOD will be praised ceaselessly that is Nnamdi Kanu's vision and dreams toward Biafrans,these are his dreams and visions:
(1)To enter into a covenant with GOD as we promise with all our heart and soul to do the will of GOD and obey all his commandments: 2chro.15:11-15,debut.4:23,2chro.7:13-14.
(2) To seek and fight for the freedom of Biafra, which is going to be the kingdom of GOD here on earth, as we are to remain humble and faithful as the children of GOD.
(3) CHUKWU-OKIKE-ABIAMA is our GOD, the GOD our fathers and the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
(4) We shall live in GOD, do his will, obey and keep all his commandments and he has promised with an oath that he would bless, prosper and preserve us and work with us,deut.28:1-28.
(5) Biafra is the kingdom of GOD and shall be a society that will fear GOD, observe and keep all his commandments as contained in Exodus 20:1.
(6) GOD will show us his mercy as we love and keep all his commandments and love one another as he has loved us.
(7) We shall, therefore, remain incorruptible, whiter than white and whiter than snow so that GOD can fight for us and destroys our enemies without weapons of war, Isaiah 41:9 10,deut.20:1.
(8) The only arms and armour we need to have while on earth are the "TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS".
(9) We must, therefore, study and learn all good books as our mission and business.
(10) The battle for the freedom and salvation of our people the Biafrans is the Lord GOD, our enemies are many and deadly, and they have all kinds of sophisticated weapons to destroy us, but GOD is our hope,our help cometh from the Lord GOD of heaven,he will strength us,help us and fight for us to destroy our enemies, Isaiah 41:9-10,1 Sam 17:47-58.
(11) We must, therefore, choose to become humble and faithful in all things to the Lord, we must have a covenant with the Lord GOD to do his will and obey his commandments, we must swear to an oath to seek GOD with all our heart and keep all his commandments.
(12) We must repent and forsake our sins and observe the commandments that we may be saved in all our struggles.
(13) Biafra land is a land flowing with milk and honey with certain human resources and minerals, oil and gas and enabling environment with good weather, Biafra has all it take to be great and complete favourable with the developed countries of the world.

By ukaegbo. O. ukaegbu,founder of "BIAFRA EDUCATION" (B.E). Edited by nwaiwu Chukwuebuka/­ Umuchiukwu writers.
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