Many attempts have being made by the British government past and present prime ministers towards the emergence of the independent of Biafra.
They used and are still using the Islamic terrorist Hausa/Fulani northern Nigeria Caliphate as fronts and conduit pipe.
By nature Islam does not value life, that explains the bloodletting throughout the Islamic world in the past and the present.

If Nostradamus saw the emergence of Prince Nnamdi Kanu from the trigger of Africa, a prince that will spearhead the restoration of the kingdom of God on earth called BIAFRA then, Dr Nnamdi KANU himself is a seer and a prophet who have predicted the fall of an empty shell called the giant of Africa Nigeria.
Incidentally, the two seers happen to come from the root of Jesse from the Hebrew stock.
By profession, Nostradamus was a medical doctor while mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a historian.
Both men are the special gift to humanity, they saw the danger and pointed the way of escape, but surprisingly, Mazi Kanu is a citizen of Britain and holds the British passport, and comes from Igbo clan in Biafraland, a true son that behaves true to type.

Waking up one beautiful day and begin to ask himself questions about the existence of his homeland, the people, tradition and culture, he discovered by atom of his spiritual inducement that his people are living in bondage and that their predicament originated from the country he is proud to belong as a citizen.
He took a trip around the world to sensitise his people about the need for their freedom; the Promised never to seat at the back bench but to be in the forefront leading the way to a free, sovereign nation of Biafra.
He must have told himself before taken off that Britain will come to his aid in speeding up freedom for his people, he must have believed that as colonial masters, who actually was instrumental to his people's untold hardship, slavery, torture and death will have a change of heart and give him necessary support to erase their mistakes in the past.

He went on and opened one of the world most powerful instrument of mobilisation, sensitization and unimpeded information network called RADIOBIAFRA right in the heart of London.
His voice vibrated with the echo filling the airwave calling on the wind, water and the flood to gather dead bones of his people all over the world and breathed life into them so that they may live.
He has especially succeeded, his people have gathered; breath have entered into them but the British force with their stooge the Islamic government of Nigeria and other intruders have refused to allow his living people stand on their feet as an exceeding great nation.
If Adolf Hitler and his German Army succeeded in invading the United Kingdom in 1940, Britain wouldn't have existed to kill 4.5 million innocent Biafrans from 1967-2016. According to history. Hitler began to draw plans to invade Britain because of the sudden success they recorded in occupying France, Belgium and Holland.
The aim of this invasion is to eliminate the English motherland and hold the entire country completely.

This scheme was opposed by some Nazi's war planners including a man called Commander Herman Goring.
Detail information can be obtained from imperial war museum in London. 1945.
God saved Britain but the same Britain went ahead to eliminate God's children the Biafrans because of oil and natural resources found to be in abundant in Biafraland.
These have continued for the past 50 years. Adolf Hitler did not only want to occupy the United Kingdom but to kill every animal and man that is known and called English.
That is exactly what the British did and is still doing to Biafrans.

General Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was educated in England and speaks Queens English, he was brought up to learn exactly what Nnamdi Kanu lant, Ojukwu became the joy of many nations because of his and aura, he shine like a million star, but the British nearly scuttle his dream, he was faster than them, went ahead and declared the Republic of Biafra a precious generational gift, after that Ojukwu took a step further to defend his new nation, for three consecutive years he stoically, smartly, boldly and scientifically established it to the applause of the political watchers then.

Ojukwu lost the battle of the inalienable right of self-determination but won the war of giving his people self-belonging, and this writer is proud to be called a Biafran.
Since Hitler and his allied forces failed from conquering the English people the 21st century, Britain will fail in their bid to stop the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.
They may have veto power on the security council of the United Nations, they may have one of the world largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons, they may even have the world strongest army, let No 10 Downing Street be reminded that Hitler who could not succeed in destroying them had almost the same armaments of weaponry but could not achieve their devilish desires.
God will raise up a nation 1000 times stronger than Adolf Hitler to destroy Britain if they continue supporting the Islamic Hausa/Fulani to kill Biafrans.
Modern day citizens of British must stop toeing the part of Wilson Churchill; they must know that the face of the world politics has changed for the worst due to the British role in the arena.

Biafra remains the only nation that has the sceptre they will usher in peace into the world.
Britain has everything to gain by supporting the release of Dr Nnamdi Kanu and another BIAFRANS languishing in the detention prison of Mohamadu Buhari.
British have everything to loose if they continue their plan on how to invade Biafraland, eliminate all Biafran and occupy our Land.
As Adolf Hitler lost not only on the battlefield but lost the war and died like a chicken. His bones were gathered and burnt and the ashes scattered.

By Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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