BIAFRA Obong Victor Bassey Attah, an architect, two-time governor of Akwa Ibom State (1999-2007) Was during his time in office, chairperson of the Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF. Unfortunately for him, he lacks the knowledge of his identity. I see it as lack of knowledge because He failed to differentiate the word "BIAFRA" and "IGBO" in essence, he needs The University Of Radio Biafra to be revived from this sickness. As a Biafran, I can be able to ascertain my identity, my nationality and my tribe. I am not surprised at the words of Obong Attah during an interview concerning the late development in the contraption they referred to be a country. The Nigerian government has fought both spiritually, physically, mentally and otherwise to divide the children of light (BIAFRA). They have succeeded to isolate us already, but Chukwu-Okike-Abiama being so kind, sent us a prophet who has sacrificed his comfort and happiness for my comfort and happiness, including those that hated him with passion.
While I was reading the interview, I gave my study attention, only to find out that this man has fallen the victim of divide and rule tactics. He has gone astray that he forgot his root and identity by referring Igbo being a language to a whole nation Biafra. He ignorantly forgot that Igbo is and has remained a common language to a particular tribe in Biafraland. He also forgot that Biafra includes many other tribes with different languages. How will you look at someone who referred the contraption called Nigeria as Yoruba or Hausa knowing too well that there were many other languages in Nigeria even after her expiration? I noticed a lot of scene errors in the interview. In the beginning, Mazi Obong Attah was spotting mainly at the poor development in the expired contraption of Nigeria, and He made mention of many things, before mentioning Igbo secessionists. This was mentioned at only a spot, but surprisingly, this became the news headline. This is to prove all the efforts of the contraption called Nigeria to divide the people of Biafra by tagging it "Igbo session". Looking at it, you will realise that all the media houses in Nigeria are all fighting against us.
Today, we Biafrans are living in fear because of the new dimension introduced by dictator Buhari to trace all hardcore Biafrans through their sim cards and phones only to kidnap and kill us because we requested for nothing less than freedom. Many Biafrans has been killed already, while Obong Attah seats in his house at London to determine my fate. Well, it's never his fault, since Nigeria has become the only country that is governed at exile. Many who knew nothing about Biafra desires to talk, so as to gain popularity not that they have the knowledge of what they are saying. Offen times, men of such calibre speaks because they wouldn't like to offend their master, neither would they want to be exposed to their evils and atrocities, therefore, trading the lives of innocent people for peanuts. If not, why will Obong Attah state that Biafrans need Nigeria the way Nigeria needs them while we are being killed and maimed? Where has he been while we are maltreated, molested and subjugated to all inhumane degradation? Where has he been while Buhari has refused to release mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, Radio Biafra and Biafran TV amidst three different court orders? I guess he has been sleeping, and now he seems to have woken up, he should embrace the best educational institution which is Radio Biafra for accurate knowledge, because Radio Biafra is the highest institution, while professor Nnamdi Kanu is the best lecturer that has ever lived. Therefore, I think mazi Obong Attah needs these instruments to become more enlightened and knowledgeable. Biafrans are only requesting for what rightfully belongs to them. Therefore you must stand to oppose her blood bath and the violation of Nnamdi Kanu's human right and at the same time, campaign for BIAEXIT just as BREXIT became reality. In the absence of that, you are an instrument of the zoo called Nigeria, and you must answer for the death of innocent children, men and women killed in cold blood. Give us Biafra and release our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

By Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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