The Recent declaration by Mr Hubert W. Armstrong that the British exit from EU has proven that they are the Biblical Ephraim due to their refusal to remain within the union.

Armstrong went further to tell the world that the Britains are the true descendant of Ephraim one of the 12 tribes of Jacob.

who is returning to serve the true God of the Hebrews by refusing to remain under the bondage of Germany.

Britain is a Godless country, who colonised both Israel and Biafrans.

If they are truly the descendants of Jacob, how come they are the only country on earth that does not support any emerging Christian nation, Britain supported Palestinians but stood against Israel's quest for independent.

Britain is the only country in the whole world who knew from 1814 that Biafrans are the descendants of Israel and kept it (TOP SECRET) instead, they fought against the sovereign nation of Biafra with every military arsenal at their disposal in 1967-19-2016.

You can read the falsehood of Hubert W. Armstrong in (The

My main reason for writing this article is because of the COVENANT GOD MADE WITH MOSES AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. It is encapsulated in the TEN commandments written upon the tables of stone.

God told Moses and the Israelites that their destiny would be bright as long as they uphold the law, decrees and commandments of God. But if they failed and their faith falters, they will cease to have the ability to face, fight and defeat even their weakest enemies.

E.g, God, told King Solomon not to have many wives and do not Marry a gentile woman Deut 17:17. Solomon disobeyed, God then created a division amongst them, ten kingdoms in the north and two Judah and Levi in the South. War broke out amongst shortly after that, and for complete 40 years, both families were dip neck into crises thus given King Nebuchadnezzar the opportunity to overrun and carry them into captivity for a whopping 70 years in exile.

The bondage lasted 610 years, note here that each family units represent one of 12 tribes. Numbers 1:4 and Joshua 22:14.

There is a law that binds them together even in captivity, and that law is REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY AND KEEP IT HOLY. It is a natural covenant not religious one accord into the instructions given to Moses between Israel and God. Exodus 31:13, 16-17. Numbers 13:15-19.

THIS IS A CULTURAL HERITAGE with which God used to keep tab with all the descendants of Jacob ( Israel) Genesis 32:28 including the Biafrans who have discovered their root through the Bible God sent them. The missionaries who brought the Holy book have something else in mind, colonization of mind, body and land of whoever accepted the Holy book, surprisingly, Biafrans embraced it more than any tribe on the face of the earth, God finally connected with his disobedient children, who took the book without knowing that inside it is contained God's agenda for them, that it is only in the book that they can trace their root and reunite with those they had left in Egypt before the law was given.

Without this book, they the Biafrans would have been lost forever.

The Biafrans had followed the principles of this fantastic book ever written by man.

BUT HERE IS A SHOCKER TO ALL THE READERS OF THIS ARTICLE: the purpose of God given them this book was not to convert them as Christians, but to locate whom they are and begin to retrace their steps no matter how deep they are in idolatry.

Close to 100-150 years, Biafrans have been under the influence of Christianity their only gain is western education, humiliation, more bondage, war, loss of life and properties.

God planted enmity between brothers the riverine area and upland areas of Biafraland for their inability to dictate quickly whom they are in the amazing holy book in their hands.

You can see how difficult it is for Nnamdi Kanu, they illegally arrested and incarcerated leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and director of Radio Biafra. His deputy Mazi Alphonsus Uche Mefor is still bringing together this unique human; unity campaign is still ongoing.

Unity amongst 12-13 clans that made up Biafra Igbanke, Igbo, Igweocha, Delta, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Akwa-Ibom, Igala, Idoma, Ogoja, Ogoni, etc. is their first task.

The amiable Biafran leaders promised that the restoration of the sovereign is either by peace or by war.

BIAFRANS have not been fruitful as Christians other than serving others, example, apart from the Lords chosen charismatic movement, no other Mega Church is founded and headed by a Biafran in the zoo called Nigeria. 60-70% of all the mega Churches in all the 36 states of Nigeria is based and owned by either Yoruba, Hausa or a foreigner and in the said Churches, Biafrans are playing a significant role that sees the Church rise to whatever it is today.

The Redeem Christian Church of God RCCG is founded and led by the Yorubas past and present, with Enoch Adeboye as the general overseer. But it might be surprising to read here that the man who made RCCG what it is today is a Biafran, and his name is Pastor Dr Tony Rapu in conjunction with Pastor Tunde Bakare of later rain Assembly.
Another Church is the living faith or faith tabernacle founded by Bishop David Oyedepo a Yoruba man as well and some of the secrets of the Church is that majority of members are Biafrans and the man who could have been nominated as the leader by Oyedepo a medical Doctor and a Biafran was assassinated in 2012 closing the door for any Biafran to attain to that enviable height of leading the world acclaimed richest Church.
Go to Apostolic Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Cherubim and Seraphim, Deeper Christian Church founded and headed by another Yoruba man Pastor W. F Kumuyi, all the above Churches are densely populated by Biafrans, but nobody gives them any chance of leading it. Assemblies of God Church the first Africa's living Church is suppose to be conducted and not founded by Biafrans but today, the Church is a shadow of its former self. Riddled with unending crises, greed, carnality and worldliness. Open your daily newspapers; you will wrongly see Assemblies of God Church taken the front page for revivals, investments or holding a crusade that attracts 5,4,3,2 million worshipers at ago. Even in London, I overheard one radio Biafra contributor saying to Dr Nnamdi Kanu bofere Nigeria government kidnapped him that Biafrans dominated the majority of Churches owned by Yorubas in London that the trend is troubling. Listen to this, if a Yoruba man, Hausa or a foreigner opens a Church with Indian magic before you say Jack Robbins, it will be filled with Biafrans, searching for their God. Look at Synagogue of all Nations founded by a Yoruba man prophet T.B Joshua, go there on Sunday, if Europeans are 20, American 10, South Africans 5 other nationals five the rest 60% are Biafrans you can check.
Mike Okonkwo founder of The Evangelical Mission whose background is from the occultic white garment Church before he became born again could not raise up Team-like his colleagues in Lagos why the truth is, he is a Biafran not permitted to excel amongst Gentile and idolatry redden tribes. If David Yongi Cho of South Korea happens to be a Biafran, he wouldn't have been able to preside over 800 thousand per service congregation his background is Assemblies of God just like you and me.
IS GOD STILL ANGRY WITH BIAFRANS WHY? The speed of recovery is too slow despite signs of deliverance around her, no matter what Biafrans will do in Christiandom, the result will always be abysmal. Are we not serving the same God through Jesus? Why is it that if any other person from a different tribe fakes miracle he will pull a crowd, but if a Biafran preaches genuine miracle there will be no due nor rain. The reason is bellow. God said I would sift the house of Israel among all nations like born is shifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth. Amos 9:9,14. Biafrans must return en mass to serve their supreme God, they are the chosen ones, they are to preach the last gospel to the all the gentile nations including America. Voice of prophecies is heard over the radio Biafra. WARNING, WARNING, WARNING to all God's children in Biafraland to return to their supreme God called CHIUKWU OKIKE AHBIAMA because he is the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Alfa and the Omega Rev 22:13. (Exodus Chapter 20:7-11 Biafrans, in part 2 of this article, you will know and see what your God will do to bring and end to the enemy invasion, intimidation robbery and death in Biafraland. Remember, it is a return to heritage and culture and not a change of religion because Biafra is a reality and not a religion. THE WORLD MUST PREVAIL UPON THE NIGERIA GOVERNMENT TO RELEASE DR.NNAMDI KANU SND OTHER INNOCENT BIAFRAN DETAINED FOR PEACEFUL AGITATION FOR THEIR RIGHT AND RESTORE THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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