For how long do we clamour for what has been long due for us? A natural right which is ours but has been denied because of a corrupt ridden country who has vowed to subject us continually to slavery, intimidation and killing just because we possess what others have been paying to get.

But do we question God who has blessed us with this blessings? Indeed no, but we will continue to worship him because he is the all-knowing God. Let the world know that BIAFRA is a spirit which can never be quenched no matter the level of intimidation we are subjected to, but instead, we will resist the clutches of the enemy and continually build a fortress where we will remain formidable. BIAFRA is our right, and so the Will must be granted if peace and tranquillity must be reign. We have suffered enough not to allow further suffering; we have been killed enough not to allow further killings and we have been slaves sufficient to rebuke further slavery.

The earlier, the better for the world and all concerned to do the needful and grant us the Republic of BIAFRA and save us from the evil clutches of Nigeria, a country where all sorts of atrocities are breed and harboured. The restoration of BIAFRA is our utmost concerns as this is the right thing to do and is long overdue but however, we are resolute in making sure that we are not distracted because we have understood that the world is politicised, and it is only on radio BIAFRA the truth is said and upheld. All hail BIAFRA the land of the risen sun.

Ezekwereogu john
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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