I am still mourning the massacre of my brothers and sisters on a memorial day Monday 30th of May, 2016. Barely 24 hours after that heinous crime that Mohamadu Buhari President Obama's choice to rule Nigeria sent the same Islamic army on the 2nd of June. 2016. To the same Anambra state to killed scores of women, children the young and old found in their homes. I was dazed again this morning being Friday 3rd of June, 2016 when news filtered into my computer system that many Biafrans living in the northern part of the zoo called Nigeria has been killed and an Igbo Biafran woman BEHEADED IN INFRONT OF HER HUSBAND, corpses of Biafrans murdered by Buhari is still arriving from all parts of Nigeria into old eastern region. BIAFRALAND IS SOCKED IN BLOOD OF HER INNOCENT ARMLESS SONS AND DAUGHTERS. If democracy is Government of the people, is Biafrans classified as a people or animals that a primitive hunter can kill on target every time? I do not need to call the United States President Barack Hussein Obama because he has heard Biafrans melodious weeping voices as an African. I refuse to write a letter to David Cameron because he has both seen and read news about the massacre of Biafrans, his home government who pretended to have adopted or claim the director of Radio Biafra as their son cannot wash off his hands from the recent bloodbath in Biafraland. The British government knows us as civilised people from time immemorial hence, does not want such wise humans around the global family. Every nick and cranny in the zoo called Nigeria are awash with the blood of the British hated BIAFRANS. We are few in population according to the British fraudulent census. Biafran population exceeded that of the entire UNITED KINGDOM.
We are the remnants that survived the GENOCIDE of 1967-1970. The British right now is using an Islamic plant Mohamadu Buhari to wipe us out of the face of the earth; the Hausa/Fulanis and their conspirators are emboldened each time Buhari travels to America and Britain to receive more assurance that they are behind whatever he is doing to Biafrans. I CHALLENGE PRESIDENT OBAMA AND PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON TO GIVE BIAFRANS AND THE HAUSA/FULANIS EQUAL ARMS AND AMMUNITIONS, DRAW A BATTLE LINE WHOEVER CROSSES IT FIRST WILL RULE THE LOOSER FOREVER. 

 How can Hausa/Fulani come to my village, enter into my home kill my mother, father, brothers and sisters went outside the house in full glare if the public and started to jubilate saying, today we have killed more than 50 antelopes and will load them in our trucks and pour acid on their bodies so as to wipe out evidence. WHEN ALL HOPE IS GONE THEN BIAFRA COMES. 

 I'm up and will dust my clothes and body from sackcloth and ashes which I have been rolling on since Monday 30th of May-3rd of June, 2016. Biafra has already come out of her grave where Britain and her evil partners the ZOO NIGERIA GOVERNMENT quickly bounded Biafra and pushed her into the grave while she was still alive. Their desperate efforts in killing innocent unarmed Biafrans is to see that she is finally and eternally destroyed. 

 I am used to seeing blood not enemies blood but the blood of my kit and kin, therefore, the blood of an enemy means nothing to me anymore. It is unforgivable sins that are committed against Biafrans, detentions of Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans for such a long time with torture and dehumanisation and OBAMA has the guts to challenge Donald Trump the ( 21st century Hope of the American people). I am still mourning, and wailing so is all the indigenous people of Biafra. 

 Our youthful brothers from the riverine rose up in our defense, destroying what brought death to our doorsteps, they are doing their best they genuine freedom fighters, they have killed a single ZOO soldier because they are true Biafran, we value life because it is a precious gift of God but time to kill is fast approaching, no one has a monopoly of violence. Let the IPOB leadership always inform the led on the positive steps taken so as to boost moral. 

 THE HAUSA/FULANIS ARE NO MATCH TO BIAFRANS God is on our side despite our loss, he that keepeth bearing special seed shall doubtlessly come back again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him. Obama must wake up he has slept too much, order Mohamadu Buhari to release our leader Dr Nnamdi Kanu and recognise the independent of Biafra. 

 Agreement with Nigeria has been disannulled and their statement of one indivisible and the indissoluble entity can no longer STAND. 


By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers

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