Genocide is going on right now in Onitsha, Biafraland, as Nigerian Army personnel have gone gaga picking up innocent Biafrans going about their legitimate business from the streets and killing them in their barracks.
With what is going on in the streets of Onitsha at the moment, Nigeria has really shown itself as an Islamic republic. The method and style of barbaric killings being perpetrated by the Nigerian Islamic Army are not different from what the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has been doing in the middle-east.
Christians are now no longer safe in Onitsha and its environs. It does not matter whether one is Yoruba, Ijaw, Igbo, Urobo, or any other nationality group, as long as the person is a Christian, they grab and kill him or her without mercy. This is going on right now at the Army barrack as all the people picked up from the streets have been taken to it and slaughtered.

The world and people of goodwill should not stand by and ignore this Save our Souls (SOS) calls coming from the Biafrans.  Buhari is making good his threat to sink everything in Nigeria rather than allow Biafra to go. The world must not let him succeed in doing this.
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