The truth is always transparent and cannot be covered in any way, this is true in America, Europe, Britain, and Asia. It is only in Africa and Nigeria in particular that the opposite is true and truth becomes translucent. It is translucent because people will see that it is white and the Government will maintain it is black, the whole world will see that it is white and the world leaders will say it is black.

The most annoying aspect of it is that the same world leaders will never perverse the cause justice in their own country but would gladly encourage the criminal politicians of their prey nations to grossly uphold injustice and marginalisation of their people to ensure that they continue to rule them and steal their resources from the rare.

This is exactly what is going on in this contraption called Nigeria because the UN has decided to keep quiet, the British has decided to keep quiet, the US has decided to keep quiet over the whole excesses of Muhammadu Buhari because Britain depends on Nigeria for survival, America has interest in Nigeria and to make sure that they keep their water running they think that the best action to take is to empower the vampire Buhari to continue his wickedness on the masses.

Buhari on his day of inauguration voiced that he belongs to nobody and that he belongs to everybody, what a blatant deceit. He started with a false giggle of fighting corruption and the people said that action has started without knowing that his mission is to take a pound of flesh from Dasuki for his role in the coup that pushed him out of office, he also targeted other political enemies like Olisa Metu, Kany Fayode and others. because of chronic hatred of the Igbos he arrested Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Ingenious People of Biafra, an innocent man, and now has arrested General Ihejirika because he is an Igbo man. Now how many generals of Fulani extraction has he arrested and humiliated in this manner? The implication is all of the Fulani generals are with clean records. Just going on now is the plot to rubbish Ike Ekweremadu and what was his crime? (1) that Ike Ekweremadu was wrong to the evil act of Fulani herdsmen (2) that Ike Ekweremadu was wrong to say why should innocent unarmed IPOB members be killed by the army (3) that Ike Ekweremadu should have covered for him the fraud that was built in the 2016 budget (4) that Ike Ekweremadu should have agreed that he actually has WAEC Certificate (5) that Ike Ekweremadu should have said that the Aisha Buhari that was involved in the Halliburton scandal was not his wife. All these facts are well known by both the UK and US government's but they allow it to be just to make sure that they keep on exploiting our land for their own goodness.

I want to ask where the likes of Atiku Abubaka, Olusegun Obasanjo, badamosi Babangida, Tinubu Armed, Babatunde Fashola, Rotimi Amaechi and others, are they now innocent? yes, they are because they are pro-government. That is the kind of democracy America and Britain want us to have, feudal democracy while they continue to enjoy true democracy in their own countries. The people of UK have decided to go out of EU, a decision that was based on a democratic process of a referendum and the Government will have to follow the wish of the people but the same British government has said that it will not allow Biafra to be free. Just recently it credited to the British high Commission to have said that Britain will not allow Biafra to succeed and this wholistic display of unending colonialism and a huge amount of wickedness. GOD WILL JUDGE BRITAIN.

This is the time to understand the truth, this country called Nigeria has completely failed, the laws of demand and supply no longer work here, everything is now suffering from BERBER'S CHAIR SYNDROME, movement without motion because the centre cannot hold again, so UN,EU, AU and BUHARI should let Biafra go now before it becomes late. Somalia, Lybia and Syria stories will be child's play when the second Biafra war starts.

Written by Chukwuka Fidelis
Published by Uchechi  Collins
For IPOB writers
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  1. It is imperative that the world hacking to the cries of Biafran now. They may want to separate war but I think is better now than then.